I'm Not Turning The Heating On Just Yet...

It's freezing in this house today, okay not literally freezing but really, really cold.

I've shut all the doors, which is annoying the cats as they keep meowing to be let out of the Kitchen, or let into the Kitchen but that's fine as walking back and forwards letting them in and out is fairly good exercise and warms me up! I'm wearing a thick cardigan, I have a blanket over my knee and I'm seriously considering finding my gloves and hat... that's not abnormal is it?

PippaD wearing her hat and gloves to keep warm

Why, am I doing this? Because I'm not turning the heating on just yet, unlike my Sister who turned it on last week. As I've mentioned before, my Mum could do an entire winter on a bowl of porridge and some wool socks, if she wanted to (it's a joke, my Mum likes it hot) and add that to my natural penny pinching ways and I'm not ready to turn the heating on just yet. It's only the start of October, and sure it's a mild 14 degrees here today but it's not *that* cold. Even if I am freezing.

So with Daddy being in a nice warm office all day and an equally nice and warm Hotel at night, how can the children and I keep warm without turning the heating on? If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below!

For the last few nights, the children and I have been wearing an extra layer when we've got in from School. Putting a jumper on, or putting some warm socks on just makes everything a little cosier, plus the children have some really cute jumpers and it's a pity if they don't all get an airing in the cooler months.

I'm cooking nice meals each evening and we're sitting eating a hot meal together. The heat of the oven warms the kitchen (which due to being badly designed is often cold), and this in turn warms the rest of the house and of course the plate of hot food warms us from the inside. Soup and Stews are what winter was made for.

We've taken to sitting together on the Sofa, under a blanket, or if we're in our rooms, sitting under the duvets. It's warmer and gives us more of an opportunity to cuddle together with the kittens which of course is one of the best ways to warm up as it's so enjoyable. I just wish that BB wasn't quite so wriggly.

We're going for long walks, wrapped up warmly of course, and jumping in piles of leaves and over puddles and collecting buckets full of conkers and pine cones. As soon as we're back we're drinking steaming mugs of Hot Chocolate, with the odd marshmallow dropped in and occasional pile of whipped cream on top.

We're making sure that the curtains are drawn and that the draft excluders are in place. We've made sure that the house is all sealed up, with new seals around the doors but that was mainly because Big Boy and Top Ender helped the kittens peel off the old seals over the summer.

Tops and I still haven't turned our electric blankets on and Big Boy hasn't requested any hot water bottles for his bed, so I'm thinking that our measures are still beating the cold when we're all in the house and I'm still not going to be turning the heating on just yet.

Are you someone that throws on another layer like me, or do you prefer to turn the heat up?