New Ink, New Printer, No Need To Remember #Review

I used to hate putting the bins out for the bin men each week. Mainly because I'd always forget, and so the next week I'd have a million bags (okay so that's a slight exaggeration) to put out. Then I hit upon a genius method, where I would set a weekly reminder on my phone and then race the children to see who could get the most bin bags to the top of the drive in the shortest amount of time. The same thing could be said of changing the ink in the printer. I hated using the printer, because I was never sure when I was going to run out of ink and by the time I remembered to add it to my shopping list, we'd run out of ink and Top Ender would be giving me death stares because I hadn't been able to print off her homework.

Top Ender giving me death stares but still looking pretty - How does she do it?!

And even then I'd still forget to get the ink.

Then a miracle happened. HP asked if I'd like a new printer and a trial of their service where the printer sends a message to HP saying it's running low on ink. Then HP sends ink out in the post in a handy sized box, that fits through my letter box and I'm ready for when the ink does run out and no more grumpy children, who can't have their homework printed out.

HP ENVY 5530 Printer

The system works on a tiered pricing model, (where you can adjust your plan or cancel at any time), based on your printing needs (this is for business too). On top of the pages you get per month, you also get blocks of 15, 20 or 25 pages for £1 depending on which plan you opt for.

·         £1.99/month for Occasional Printing (50 pages per month)
·         £3.49/month for Moderate Printing (100 pages per month)
·         £7.99/month for Frequent Printing (300 pages per month)

I've seen that the system has been advertised on TV, but I've seen it in store at both PC World and John Lewis, and you don't ahve to buy a new printer as it does work with some of the existing HP Printers, visit to find out which and more about the system!

The printer has been put through it's paces, as the children have printed several photos for School, pieces of School work and worksheets to do at Mummy home school. I've been printing off meal plans, to do lists (I love me a to do list!), lskdjf and I've had ink delivered to me once so far, which was rather exciting (I guess I'm really bored if I find an ink delivery exciting!) especially when the next day the ink did run out and I was able to swap out the ink quickly and without any hassle!

The most important thing I've printed recently was Top Ender's Baptism programmes

Top Ender's Baptism programmesTop Ender's Baptism programmes

And of course, Daddy has been printing out all his great creative fun surprises for the children too!

We love the printer, and I'm loving not having to worry about ink! Is it something that you'd consider doing?

We were sent the printer and given free ink too.