Big Days: Small Feet – Big Steps Whilst Camping!

Whilst we were away, I figured it was the perfect time for the Children to try out their new Gore-Tex shoes. We've been asked to be an Ambassador family, and the Children are really excited about it and the idea of going on lots of trips together so they can give their shoes a good work out! We figured on day two of Camping holiday, that as we were going to be on our feet for a fair few hours that some comfy shoes were going to be important, the last thing you want when on holiday is sore feet!

Big Boy and Top Ender love their Goretex Shoes

The lace up shoes Top Ender had been sent reminded me of Bowling Shoes and they weren't the pair I'd pick if I'm honest, but Top Ender loved them. She thought that they were retro looking, she also loved that they were light and sturdy whilst she was walking over uneven ground, or rather climbing over trees in the Woods. Big Boy's shoes were super cute and exactly what I would pick for him. He loved that they were so easy to slip on and off, that they were again super light and sturdy for the same tree climbing as Top Ender and BB also loved the shoe box with it's printed measurer inside!

So we headed off to Monkey World, the Children were troopers, especially as my fitbit registered that we'd taken 10,000 steps before Noon and the Children didn't complain once about either the heat or the amount of walking that we'd been doing. 

Big Boy and Top Ender love their Shoes!

After we'd been to Monkey World, we headed off to the beach at Swanage, but the Children soon kicked off their shoes in favour of bare feet on the sand. Of course this gave me more than enough time to take photographs of the shoes without the Children's feet in them!

Gore-Tex Big Days Out Shoe Review

I really loved the shoes, despite having been worn whilst the Children had been clambering around in the woods that morning, all around Monkey World where the Children walked and played on various pieces of playground equipment, ran over that bark that some parks have, plenty of grassy areas and of course a short walk across a semi crowded beach, the shoes were still clean.

The children love the shoes, and we can't wait to put them through their paces again over the Summer... what would you like to see us do to test them out?

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