You've Got This

One of my friends will often comment on my Facebook posts about what a great Mum I am.

The first few times that she put something like that as a comment, I would often wonder what it was that she saw in me that I didn't see in myself. What did she see in the snapshots of life that I posted online that made me seem a great Mum.

Big Boy and Top Ender

That's right seem.

I'm under no illusion, I'm not always a great Mum.

There is a lot of talk about Facebook just being snapshots in time, with only the best moments being shown and I honestly try not to be like that. I want people to know that I'm "normal", that I lose my temper and I forget to make an evening meal and I stay up way too late pinning or playing games on Facebook...

Anyway, like I was saying I'm not always a great Mum.

This particular friend is older, she has children around my age and she is the very definition of a great Mum. If there was anyone that deserves comments on her Facebook posts saying what a great mum she is, it's her.

Every time she posts on my Facebook however, it's like a little mini pep-talk for me. It's like she's saying to me;

You've Got This.

And maybe that's what she means to do.

Maybe she remembers back to when her children were small and when she questioned her own parenting skills someone she loved and respected and admired told her that she was doing a great job. And suddenly I realised.

We all question what we are doing.
We all wonder if we are making unforgivable mistakes.
We all wonder if we are the kind of parent our children deserve.

We've all got this.