Philadelphia Deliciously Whipped Pots #Review

Since Top Ender has realised that she likes Curry, and both the children know that they like to share a Chinese meal with us the sanctity of the Take Away once the Children are in bed has been destroyed and no longer exists. Now, we have Family Takeaways, which is still fun, but sometimes Daddy and I like to have something a little more grown up, a little more special, a little more, dare I say it? Yes I do, a little more alone time.

So what to do? Obviously we could eat a bar of Chocolate, but I'm allergic to Chocolate (I break out in fat if I eat too much ROFL) and I'm not keen on Olives like Daddy is and there are only so many Sundried Tomatoes or slices of Parma ham I can eat. And then Philadephia asked if I wouldn't mind terribly, if they sent me a voucher, to review their new Deliciously Whipped range.

At first trying to find these little pots was really hard, it seemed every other person in my local area had decided to go shopping for them and they weren't available. Well, the Olive one was but as I said and at the risk of sounding a little whiny, I don't like Olives and so didn't really just want to get that one.

Eventually however, I managed to find all three pots, unfortunately for me not at the shop I had the voucher for. So I used the voucher to buy a bottle of Soda for Daddy and I to share whilst trying out the Deliciously Whipped range!

Philadelphia Deliciously Whipped Range

Daddy and I had a date night to try out the pots. Between us we had a bottle of Shloer, some Pitta sticks (Gluten Free Crackers for Daddy) and various Vegetable Crudities, which were more for me than they were for Daddy. Once the Children had gone to bed, we sat out on the Patio underneath their windows (so we could hear them if they needed us) and started on the Philadelphia Deliciously Whipped pots.

Gosh, they were delicious.

My favourite, was the Garlic and Herb pot.

Philadelphia Deliciously Whipped

It really was tasty and I ended up eating most of the pot on my own. I did of course let Daddy try it, but he preferred my least favourite, which unsurprisingly knowing my dislike of Olives, was the Deliciously Whipped with Olives!

Deliciously Whipped Olive Philadelphia

Daddy however, loved it. There were flecks of Green and Black Olives in the whipped Philadelphia and he thought this to be brilliant as it showed that there were real Olives being used and not just some fake flavouring.

Deliciously Whipped Philadelphia

The last pot was the traditional, Philadelphia. It was the great taste of Philadelphia, but having been whipped it was lighter and airy and well, it was just great for dipping crackers, pitta bread sticks and vegetable sticks in!

All of the Pots were amazing and I will be buying them again, although if I'm perfectly honest I might not be sharing them with Daddy again and will instead buy him his own Olive pot and have the other pots with my friends on one of our non Coffee, Coffee mornings.

I was sent a voucher to pay for the Pots.