What We Are Eating this Week (W/C 1st Aug)

Top Ender and Daddy are off on their Father Daughter Camping trip in a couple of days time, leaving Big Boy and I at home. BB was a little upset, because he now likes camping (Yeah, thanks Beavers) but as I explained to him, it is tradition that Top Ender and Daddy go away together and he and Daddy will develop their own summer tradition soon. In the mean time he and I have a very important tradition to carry on... the lets just spend a week in our PJ's!

Our New Tent

Saturday - Pork Loins with Apple Sauce

Daddy has firm favourite foods, Curry would come top of his list, then probably a Roast and then in a very close third the Pork Loins with Apple Sauce and Cheese. So that's what we're having tonight because it is honestly a very lovely meal.

Sunday - Chicken Kiev's

I quite like a Chicken Kiev, it's a mix of soft delicate chicken and crunchy coating and if you cook them so they don't explode in the oven you also get a lovely cream sauce... I don't think I've ever managed to not make a Chicken Kiev explode.

Monday To Thursday - Whatever!

Whilst the Cat's away the mice will play. In this example, BB and I are the Mice and we're having a sneaky week which will be a combination of Take Out, Microwave Meals and snacks whilst wearing nothing but PJ's.

Well until BB makes me walk with him to Burger King, then I'll get dressed as even Burger King has standards!

Really, we're going to eat pretty simply. Big Boy and I have simple tastes if we're honest and we both like simple foods that are quick to prepare and more importantly for me and him taste great. We figure what we should do is as follows.

Monday - Beef Casserole with Dumplings

BB and I love a good casserole. We love that you can take lovely vegetables, cube them add some meat and then just cook gently in the oven for a few hours. The whole house smells divine, the hunks of bread with butter make you salivate until just as you're about to die of anticipation the casserole is ready and you can sit down to eat.

I'm suddenly starving.

Tuesday - Tex Mex

BB really loves Tex Mex. Oh wait, I've confused BB and me again. A mix of Onion Rings (BB loves them), Nachos, Chicken Wings, Loaded Potato Skins and a few other pieces and BB and I will be having a feast in front of the TV watching some kind of movie that BB and I have picked out on Netflix.

Wednesday - Hot Dog Toasties

BB and I are having Burger King for lunch (it's easier to walk to Burger King that it is to McDonalds from our house) and we're going to have something simple for our evening meal, which in this case works out at as Hot Dog Toasties.

Thursday - Beef Wellington. Or Lobster. Or Take Out.

Top Ender and Daddy are due back at some point during this evening and so BB and I are going to have an early meal together and it's going to be something really cool. I really fancy Beef Wellington, but I think BB might turn his nose up at it, I love eating Lobster, but again I worry that BB would hate it because he's like that and lastly it could be take out because well, who doesn't love a take away?

Friday - Stir Fry

It has been ages since I have had a home made Stir-Fry and so I thought a Prawn Stir-Fry with plenty of vegetables and noodles and maybe a scattering of sesame seeds would do just the trick for this Friday night meal to welcome Top Ender and Daddy home.

BB will be less than impressed with the Prawns, although he will eat them, so I may do him so extra treats to persuade him that this is a good meal! I'm thinking Prawn Crackers and a promise of pudding!

What are you eating this coming week?