What We Are Eating this Week (W/C 8th Aug)

Last week, BB and I had loads of fun with our meals, but we're back this week with having some "normal" meals and hopefully some proper meals where there are at least two vegetables and lunch everyday isn't a ham wrap made for me by BB!

Ham and Salad Wrap

Saturday - Chicken Stir Fry

With Daddy and Big Boy not getting back until gone 10pm from their day out we didn't get to have to Stir fry we were intending to have... so we're going to have it tonight instead.

Sunday - Lamb Chops

Whilst talking with Daddy about something we fancied for our evening meal this week, Daddy decided that we hadn't had Lamb Chops for a while and so we had to have them for Sunday. Instead of the small New Potatoes that we've been having recently, we're going to have some proper Roasties too, so I'm really looking forward to our evening meal!

Monday - Fish Pie

When we had Fish Pie the other week, the Children loved it, so we're having it again tonight!

I'm going to do the version with Egg in, so Daddy won't be happy at all and I'll make him a small one with no egg! Oh, now I have to go and buy that small cute dish I saw the other day in Lakelands... what a shame!

Tuesday - IKEA!

What Tuesday would be complete without going to Ikea with my Mum for lamb shanks, which btw Top Ender had the week before last and loved and so will be shunning the meatballs from now on!

Wednesday - Casserole

When we had Casserole last week, BB spent almost the entire evening asking if he could have more dumplings. Tonight when I'm not just making a tiny Casserole to feed the two of us I'll make a load of dumplings so that both Top Ender and Big Boy can be satisfied with the amount I make!

Dumplings and Beef Casserole

Thursday - Lasagne

I made two Lasagnes the other week and the children have decided they want the second one tonight. I'm going to serve it with a salad of Cucumber and Carrot and possibly some other vegetable that the children will tolerate!

Friday - Lemon Salmon Pasta Salad

I'm comfort eating this week it seems, all these "heavy" dishes. Luckily the lemon salmon pasta, whilst being carb loaded is quite light. Which is lucky because whilst I do love pasta and food I also am still trying to lose weight!

And that is what we are eating this week. What are you eating?