What We Are Eating This Week W/C 29 August

Yes, this is a day late. Yes, I am including the food we ate yesterday. No, I don't care.

The thing is, the last few days we've been out and about doing our favourite family thing, being together and enjoying the Countryside and well everything else got pushed to one side. This means that I didn't make a shopping list, we ran out of milk and even worse WE'VE RUN OUT OF CHOCOLATE!

Saturday - Takeaway

We were back late from our family day out and so I decided that we should have a take away, the only issue was what should we have?

Kebab was out because I always feel like I have a hangover after eating one, the usual Fast Food places like Burger King and McDonalds were just not tempting enough, Pizza is just too much carbs before bed and I really wasn't hankering after a Chinese.

In the end Daddy, Top Ender and I shared a couple of Curries whilst BB had a McDonald's (he isn't that keen on the Curries still). It was one of the nicest meals we've had in ages!

Sunday - Roast

We have Sausages, a Chicken joint and even some chops available to us. I'm not sure what we'll end up having but we'll have one of them and if Daddy can be persuaded to make some Yorkshire Puddings the Children won't care what we have vegetable wise.

Monday - BBQ or Junk Food

We have a tradition at the Church I go to, well the Ward I belong to. Every August bank holiday we get together and have a Picnic type thing. This year we're having a BBQ and yes, I know it is going to be raining but we have an indoor space that we have access too, there is a Bouncy Castle arranged, everyone will bring a dish or two and we'll have BBQ food and it'll just be time together with friends and people we worship with whom we love and appreciate.

BBQ Chicken on a Plate

And if it really is pouring with rain then as a family we might be tempted to just close the curtains, lock the doors and survive on junk food until it's time to go to bed!

Tuesday - Fish Pie

The Fish Pie with the Cauliflower Mash Top went down quite well last week, so much so that I've decided to do it again. Just remember, don't tell the Children that it has a Cauliflower top because they don't know and if they did I don't think they would allow me to get away with half the vegetables I stuff them with!

Wednesday - Sausage Pie

Today is our "last" meal before Top Ender starts Senior School, BB isn't back to School until Friday, but we figure we can still celebrate this last day of freedom together. I did ask the Children what their favourite meal was, but it was too high in carbs for so late at night (Lasagne) and so I took it upon myself to decide that we would have Sausage Pie.

Yes, it does have a bit of high carbs with regards to the Puff Pastry Pie Topping but the Children love this pie and so do I. Especially when it is accompanied with Carrots and Green Beans!

Sausage Pie with Carrots and Green Beans

Thursday - Chicken Kebabs

BB has plans for Daddy and I today (Daddy has today off so he can see Top Ender off on her first day of School) and I figure that we'll be able to have Chicken Kebabs. I'm planning on thread Chicken cubes with tomatoes, slices of peppers and maybe even pineapple as I know my childrens love for the stuff! I'll probably add Mushrooms instead of Pineapple on mine.

This will be served with a side salad, which Top Ender can just pick at!

Friday - Breakfast

I figure a good old Full English Breakfast, of Sausages, Bacon, Eggs, Hash Browns, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, possibly some Baked Beans along with hopefully some Black Pudding and of course all our other favourite Breakfast foods will have us all having a great start to a good weekend!

So that's what we're eating this week, how about you?