What We Are Eating (W/C 15 Aug)

This coming week is a good week, well at least I think it will be. The Children and I have decided to go camping, which is good right? Even though I hate camping...

Fried breakfast - Not on the meal plan but still yummy!

The point is, we are looking forward to some family time and after hours of research I've even come up with a few meal ideas for us to have whilst we are away and when we are back home too.

Saturday - BBQ Chicken

We love our BBQ Chicken Breasts, but we haven't had them for ages so we'll marinade some breasts and grill them before serving in bread rolls with a side salad and even some fries as the Children and Daddy do love fries!

Sunday - Lamb Chops and Roast Potatoes

Last Sunday, we had Lamb Chops for our evening meal and it was amazing. Daddy hadn't had lamb for a while and so he really enjoyed the change. I decided that we should have them again this week, because I had picked up double the amount I needed last week and well who can say no to Lamb Chops?!

Apart from a vegetarian or vegan that is.

Monday - Sausages and Jacket Potatoes

I was trying to think of something that was easy to cook on a gas fire/BBQ and decided that Jacket Potatoes and Sausages was the best idea. I'm going to wrap Jacket Potatoes in tin foil and nest in the coals to cook, whilst I use the gas fire to cook the sausages.

Once we're done, we'll use the coals to heat up Giant Marshmallows and make them squishy before smooshing between digestive biscuits and pieces of chocolate for lovely yummy S'mores.

Tuesday - Fish and Chips

There is a rule that if you are near the seaside, you have to have Fish and Chips. You have to eat it from the paper, whilst looking out to sea and you have to eat it with your fingers which will get all greasy and you have permission to wipe it your hands on your trousers.

Now we just need to find a local Fish and Chip Shop.

Wednesday - Mac and Cheese

We're back home today, well at some point anyway! I figure I'm going to want an easy meal to cook so we're going to have home made Mac and Cheese. It only takes ten minutes to make from scratch and there is something so calming about making a cheese sauce.

Melt butter, stir in flour, gently drizzle milk so that the buttery flour mixture slowly increases in size and becomes smooth and glossy. Add the grated cheese and stir and stir and stir and stir until the sauce is ready and the pasta is ready to mix in and then it's ready and creamy and cheesy and perfect for eating bowlfuls of along with hunks of French Stick or Tiger Bread!

Thursday - Ponyo Noodles

The Children love Ponyo Noodles and I love making them as we get to watch the film too. If you don't know the noodle dish, it's Noodles with Ham, Boiled Egg and Spring Onion. The noodles that I make are cooked in a broth to give them a little flavour and they sit in a dish, with a plate covering them. A little magic goes on, whilst the Children close their eyes for a few minutes and then I whip away the plate to the dishes to gasps of delight, just like in the film!

Friday - Honey Mustard Chicken

One of my favourite meals is Honey Mustard Chicken. I discovered Honey Mustard sauce when in Boston when I was about 17 and since then will eat it on anything. Normally Salads, but Chicken is a firm favourite too!

I thought having Honey Mustard Chicken would be a good family meal for the end of the week. I'm not sure what to serve it with Mashed Potato or Roast Potatoes.

So that's what we're having, what are you planning on eating?