Camping in Kent with Daddy and Top Ender - Day 4

Hello all, Daddy here again with my final diary entry from my camping trip with Top Ender.

We had to be away from the campsite before 10am today, so we allowed ourselves a good two hours to pack up the tent and put all our belongings in the car. In the end we only needed an hour, so we were soon on our way.

Now I am home, it's less likely any Daddy groupies are going to turn up at the campsite, so it's safe to tell you that we had stayed at Neil's Place Farm Campsite, just outside Canterbury. A great site - a friendly family that run it, great amenities - and we shall certainly return.

Neil's Place Farm Campsite

Having exhausted all the places we had hoped to visit in Kent this week, it was a bit of a free choice for the day. Having read about The Hop Farm earlier but discounted it as it was in the wrong direction, we realised it was only a short detour on the way home, so we headed there.

Top Ender in a boat at Hop Farm

The great place about this theme park is that entry is free, and then all the rides and attractions are a few tokens - a lot of the rides are aimed at children younger than Top Ender, so it wasn't hard to use our 22 tokens (£20) up in a couple of hours. You can pick and choose and there is no wastage!

Top Ender particularly enjoyed the WipeOut-style sweeper...

Top Ender met the floor with the Sweeper at Hop Farm

A "must do" attraction is the brand new Laser Games - 5 tokens each but we got a good 40 minutes play - what a shame we don't have such an attraction any closer to home.

Daddy and Top Ender playing Laser

So we made good time on the return journey, even the M25 was on good behaviour, and I'm sat at home in the garden - planning a day trip tomorrow with Big Boy (but that's another story!).

Here's to our next camping adventure!