Easy Sausage Pie Recipe

As always, as soon as I mention Sausage Pie to the Children, their eyes glaze over and they start drooling. When I made it this week, Top Ender and Big Boy kept finding reasons to come into the Kitchen just to sniff the air and even when Daddy got home he admitted that our home smelt wonderful. The problem of course with Sausage pie is that it isn't gluten free (although I do have gluten free puff pastry that I can use, I just don't like it that much) and so Daddy can't eat it.

Anyway, as is also now normal, as soon as I post a picture on any form of Social Media, I get asked how I make the pie.

Sausage Pie with a Puff Pastry Leaf

This is how I do it.

I always start by chopping two leeks into small circles and then gently Sautéing them. Whilst they are in the fat, I then chop a handful or two of mushrooms (finely) and add them to the Leeks in the hot fat. Using scissors I then cut three or four pieces of bacon into thin strips and again add this to the Leeks and Mushrooms.

Chopped LeeksChopped Mushrooms

After letting the Bacon cook for a minute or two, I transfer it to an oven proof dish and gently fry Sausages (one pack of eight sausages) that I've cut into three or four pieces to give them some colour and also to partly cook them. Once these are done I add them to the oven proof dish and give it a good stir.

It's at this point, that I put my chopped carrots (a couple of handfuls of batons chopped into squares) into the frying pan. These are again Sautéed and hopefully absorb some of the juices from the pan that Bacon, Sausages, Leeks and Mushroom have been cooked in!

This all gets stirred together before I add gravy (1 pint) and quickly add my Puff Pastry pie top. You can make your own puff pastry, and I have done several times BUT there is nothing wrong with buying pre-made puff pastry and I won't tell if you don't!

There are normally pieces of pastry left over and I use this to make my leaves and roses or other designs. Leaves are easy, I just cut out a leaf shape freehand and score leaf veins on the top before placing around the centre of the pie top.

An Uncooked Puff Pastry Pie with Roses and Stripes

Making Roses is even easier. Take a strip of pastry and then roll it from one end until it is all rolled up. Pinch the bottom (or the end that doesn't look as neat!) and there you go! A rose to look all pretty on top of your pie.

I prefer to give a milk glaze to the top of the pie, rather than an egg glaze but it's up to you of course.

I then cook this for thirty to forty minutes at gas mark seven (basically until the pie top is golden) and then serve!

A Golden Puff Pastry Pie

What do you like to make with left over puff pastry? I like to make the Roses and leaves (obviously), but I also like to make the odd Jam Tart or Apple Turnover too.