What We Are Eating This Week W/C 19 September

I'm being uber-organised at the moment and meal planning a few weeks in advance, based on what I know our schedules to be like, what I know we like and also and this is the most important one our budget. I'm in a very lucky position that I get to stay at home with the Children, whilst my husband works in a job that he loves, but leaves him very little time to spend with the Children on week nights. Recently I've been trying harder to be the Partner and Wife he deserves, meaning that he doesn't have to pick up after me, spend hours doing the dishes or sigh that sigh when he looks in a cupboard and has to root through the whole darn thing to find the one thing he wants.

I think it's working...

This is what we are eating this week!

Saturday - Homemade Pizza

Daddy makes the best gluten free pizza, so I've asked him to make a few tonight. The Children will pick their favourite toppings, as will we and make the best pizzas we can.

Homemade Pizza

Apart from, my Pizza will be the best because I rule.

Sunday - Roast

One of the best meals of the week and not just because I don't have to cook it.

I asked my husband the other week if he liked being the one who cooks at the weekend. He didn't reply for absolutely ages, and when he did he told me he does like cooking on weekends. He likes the way that things come together and how he combines some simple ingredients into making a beautiful meal.

I love him so much for working so hard and still wanting to do things at home too.

Meatless Monday - Pea Pie

I was going with Pasta for this Vegetarian dish, but I decided to do something a little different and do a Pea Pie, which I'm going to get the Children to make too. I'm mean and evil!

Tuesday - A Meal Out

I've asked my Mum to babysit tonight as I'm out doing a Governor "thing" and so I know that our meal will be something quick and fun for the Children and my Mum.

Daddy and I will end up eating something later tonight, I have no idea what, but probably some "bits" such as cold meats, Olives for Daddy, some crackers and cheese and hopefully if I remember to get it at the weekend some Chutney!

Wednesday -  Tuna and Pasta

I was doing my usual drooling over the internet at various meals when I found a 15 minute Noodle Supper recipe on the BBC Good Food site. I thought that the recipe looked good, so I've taken inspiration and decided to do something similar, but more Veggie filled and with Tuna and Pasta, not Rice Noodles.

If it looks as good as I hope it will, and tastes as good as it looks I'll add a recipe next week.

Thursday - Salmon Quiche and Chips

We're off to Beavers and Guides tonight, so Top Ender, Big Boy and I like a nice quick and easy meal, with plenty of vegetables... I was thinking about grabbing a Fish and Chip take out, but in the end I decided to just make a quick supper.

Salmon Quiche with Salad and New Potatoes

Friday - Honey Mustard Pork Chops with Roasted Root Vegetables

I love roasted root vegetables, BB is with me and loves Roasted Parsnips whilst Daddy and Top Ender don't. However, they won't fuss about roasted carrots and I'm sure they won't notice if I sneak some roasted squash in

So, what are you eating this week?