What We Are Eating This Week W/C 12 September

There is a lot that can be said about my Children. They are for the most part pretty perfect, they love to read, they help with chores. For the most part they listen to me and respect the rules that I and their Daddy have set for them. And then every so often they do something that surprises me, even though it shouldn't.

Top Ender and Big Boy

Like, recently I asked BB and Tops to only have puddings on weekends. They agreed without hesitation. Then I asked them to give up sweets. They agreed without hesitation. Then I asked them to give up treats in their lunchbox, apart from on a Friday. They agreed without hesitation. Then I suggested that our after School snacks either be fruit or nothing. They again agreed without hesitation. I was surprised because I'm sure if you had asked me at Eleven or even at Seven to give up Sweets or Biscuits or Puddings I would have not agreed.

So, the past few weeks we've been living rather healthily and it has scared me. Do you know how healthy I feel? How energetic? Do you know how easy it was to make these changes? (It was actually really easy) Do you know how brilliant my fridge looks crammed full of veggies and fruits?

Well, with all that in mind, here is this weeks meal plan.

Saturday - Mince and Dumplings

On a Saturday, I spend all afternoon with my Mum and Top Ender. We do our weekly food shops together, we sometimes visit a few other shops and of course we hang out drinking fruit tea... So. With Daddy being away, I wanted something that would be special for the Children and I, but also something that was quickish to make. The idea of Mince and Dumplings came to me, because I can have it on low in the oven and then do some mash when we get home and serve.

Sunday - Munch and Mingle

It's a Ward Munch and Mingle today, so I'll be taking a Salad and some Minion cakes and possibly something else, I just have no clue what. One of the great things about our ward, is we do food really, really, really well so everyone will eat a variety of foods and eat really well, we'll all have a good chat with each other and hopefully if everything else goes to plan when we get back the Children will go to bed

Big Boy is coming with me, as Daddy is still travelling back from Amsterdam until late tonight. It seems that BB is just a genius at working out when our ward has Munch and Mingles and working out that is the week he should come to Church.

Monday - Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

I do love our Meatless Monday Meals, I have no idea what to make half the time, but that doesn't stop me from loving them. This week we're going with Cauliflower Mac and Cheese because I already have everything I need to make this meal!

Tuesday - A Meal Out

I have been at home with the children for a couple of weeks instead of going out to see my Mum. This week we're back to visiting with her and having a meal together. We will either eat out or possibly eat Chicken and Egg Fried Rice with Salad as my Mum and I love this meal almost as much as we love a hot shower!

Wednesday - Twice Baked Jacket Potatoes

Big Boy and Top Ender love Jacket Potatoes, the way this one works in our house is I will either cook the potatoes in the Microwave or the Slow cooker the first time, scoop out the potato and mix it with some butter, some chives or Spring onion, possibly some bacon or something tasty and then I'll dollop in some sour cream or similar mix it all together and put it back into the skins of the potato before putting them in the oven and baking for a second time.

Using my Slow Cooker to make Jacket Potatoes

Then I'll serve.

And at midnight when BB has high blood sugars I'll curse myself.

Thursday - Fish Pie

We do love our fish pie, and it is such an easy way to ensure that you get some good protein in you! Plus, as you all know I do like to get my two portions of fish a day.

Friday - Garlic and Tomato Baked Chicken Thighs

I like to eat later on a Friday night, so that Daddy can eat with us. This dish is sort of made up but based on several years of meals with my Mum. What I do is put chicken thighs in a big dish, season with some Garlic Salt, throw in some tomatoes (baby plum or cherry), drizzle over some Olive Oil and occasionally some other herbs, Rosemary is always good with Chicken as is Basil.

And then all I do is cook it for about 50 minutes on Gas Mark 5 and then serve with plenty of bread and I think we'll have Mash too.