The School Pick Up - What You Want To Read

A few days ago, I asked my friends on Facebook if they were to read a blog post written by me, what would they like it to be about? This is one of the posts, based on those suggestions.

The School Pick Up

I love The School Run.

There I said it.

It's not the taking the Children to School and leaving them there, it's the conversations we have whilst we are walking the very short distance from our home to our local Primary School that makes The School Run so much fun for me.

Top Ender and Big Boy in the Rain on the School Run

Of course, now I don't get to take Top Ender, today is her first official solo walk to School, and this is a huge deal because I loved the time in the morning with both children. Talking to them, finding out small things about their friends, teachers, their hopes and dreams. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I will love the conversations I have with Big Boy for the next couple of years. Until he decides that he is old enough to walk to and from School on his own, and I know that'll be sooner rather than later too.

Big Boy and I were talking this past week about the School Run, we've decided that each day when I get home I should record the things we talk about, either here on the blog or over on Facebook. We talk about such a wide range of abstract things that he thought it might be fun to see what other people feel about what we're talking about. Where ever it is, make sure you leave a comment so that BB and I can further our conversations!


Top Ender and Big Boy on the School Run

During the School Pick Up, I get to see a lot of parents. Some of the Parents I know of course, they are parents of Big Boy or Top Ender's classmates. Other's I know because we have links that go beyond School, I may have used the till that they've manned at the Supermarket, or another shop. I may have worked out next to them at the Gym, or tapped their foot so I could overtake them at the Swimming Pool. They may have gone to School with Daddy, or one of Daddy's siblings. They may even volunteer with some of the same organisations that I do.

Whatever our history is, we have a connection. Our children go to the same School and the point is, I can smile and nod hello to them. A small piece of human contact between us.

Sometimes some of the Parents and I hang about just outside the School gates after we've dropped our Children off in the morning. Nattering about this and that, passing comment on the latest news to have come from our Children and School. Reminding each other of things we may have forgotten, things we may have seen that friends children may like, or is a particularly good bargain.

And then we head off back to our respective lives. Off to work, or home, or the Gym or wherever it is we're supposed to be.

The Morning School Run is Always a Photo opportunity!

After School, we get to the gates a few minutes early. Some of us eager to get access to our Children again, some of us having not wanted to go home after work, before coming back out to School. We stand side by side, joking and teasing. Cooing over younger children or again passing comment on the topics in the news or things our Children and the School have told us.

All of us together just waiting.

Waiting until the Children start to stream out of their classrooms, heading towards the open arms of their parents.