The Third Week Of September

Hello Everyone!

I love my Children.

I need to tell you that, because they are fantastic and this week they have been so much fun and have just done things that I didn't expect and have had the consequence of having other people compliment me on my children, their behaviour and their attitude. Like I said I love my Children.

The Second Week Of September

On Saturday, we went Shopping as normal... although it wasn't because Top Ender didn't come with my Mum and I. My Mum and I had a real giggle chatting away together about all manner of things and then after dropping my Mum off back home I hurried back home to watch Doctor Who with the family. We love Doctor Who and always watch it together, even if one of us hides behind a cushion (it was me this last week!).

Sunday Tops and I went to Church. We had a Relief Society lesson, which I got to go to instead of being in Primary. It was lovely and made me realise how much I miss Relief Society.

Because I Have Been Given Much - Hymn

It also made me realise how much I miss singing in a choir again. Daddy actually told me a few weeks back to get myself back into having some outside activities (I used to be in a Choir, an AmDram group and do Archery) but I haven't got round to doing it... I really need to get round to doing it.

We actually didn't do anything remarkable until Thursday night, however I did manage to accidentally shut my little finger in a car door on Tuesday...

It hurt.

It hurt a lot.

If you'd like to feel sorry for me then please do, please give me the sympathy that my family are unfairly withholding from me!

So Thursday.

First of all I got to meet Top Ender's new form tutor. He seemed lovely and I don't think I was quite what he was expecting having known Top Ender for the last few weeks. He sort of implied that he didn't think he'd actually see me again as he thinks that Top Ender is a lovely student, polite, friendly and confident enough so that she isn't cocky but isn't a wallflower either.

Then after we'd been to Top Ender's School (and had a sort of quick tour around the School and areas that she has lessons etc) we took BB to Beavers along with his Poster that he'd been asked to make after doing some skills to get a Cyclist Activity Badge.

BB with his Poster as as part of his Beavers Cyclist Activity Badge

He was really shocked by my drawing skills, (he asked me to draw a boy wearing a helmet and a bike for him, which he then coloured in) and really chuffed when they put the poster on the wall at the Beavers meeting place.

And that was my very boring week. What did you get up to?