The Second Week Of September

How quickly has this week gone? I'm not sure if it is because I've been super busy or because I've been more organised or maybe just because now that I'm old time goes faster.

Anyway, this is what I and the family have been up to this week.

The Second Week Of September

On the Friday Daddy had gone to Amsterdam, which meant Saturday as the Children and I woke up we got to do our own thing... although we actually didn't. I ended up getting the Children to get dressed as quickly as possible as we had work to do! We headed off to Town to get some pieces that we needed and then returned home to do our homework before playing and hanging out.

It worked well for us, we had our lunch and headed out to my Mums to do our weekly shop together. The whole flat tyre thing I'm going to talk about on Monday, but let me just say that I wasn't amused.

Sunday, the children spent most of the morning reading whilst I prepared food for the Munch and Mingle at Church. I also got to teach two classes of Children about "Remembering Jesus Christ When We Take The Sacrament" due to the way we have our classes scheduled. It was a really great lesson and it was so lovely to be actually teaching a solid lesson. I know I get to teach during Sharing time, but I always feel like I'm the "light touch" and have too much fun with the Children. It was nice to tackle something that felt more solid.

The Munch and Mingle went great, the Children and I both Munched and Mingled and made our way home in order to pick up Daddy from the Train Station.

Monday morning had me back properly running, jogging, walking in the morning. I was pleased to see that I'd only lost a couple of seconds on my previous times so despite feeling like death was quite pleased with myself!

Of course, the week got off to a great start after that, with the Children and I managing to get out the house on time to get to School and with our remembered homework, folders and musical equipment. I've never felt so proud of myself or the Children!

I went running on Tuesday morning too, and was already back to my pre break running times. I just need to point out that I'm not really a runner as I do spend most of my time cursing myself and doing a slow half jog/walk. The point is, as has been confirmed to me by so many friends, that I'm getting out there and doing something.

I was most proud of myself during the day because ever since I tried this new weird New Age type thing where I push various pressure points and repeat a key phrase I've been less lazy than I used to be. Honestly, I've de-cluttered the Kitchen, rearranged everything to make sure it is all fully organised and we're able to get to the equipment we use frequently AND everything has been cleaned!

Wednesday night, Daddy came home early as I had a Governors Meeting. After the meeting I was talking with the Head about her little reading corner just outside her office. We were talking about various books that she has and ones that the Children have loved and said I was welcome to borrow any when I wanted.

So, I borrowed this one.

It was fabulous and I've added it to my library already!

Thursday night we had a Take Away with my Mum, after I'd picked up her from the Hospital. Afterwards, we took BB to Beavers and as expected he fell asleep super quickly when it got to bedtime. Top Ender of course had to wait a little longer to get to bed as Guides finishes at 9pm. By the time she had got out of Guides and we'd driven home... which may explain whilst Friday morning it was rather hard for her to get up.

Friday was a good day for us all, with BB going to his best Friends birthday party at Bounce, an indoor trampoline place after School. It was so lovely for him to hang out with his friends and do something "normal" for a change. Talking with some of the staff at the place I came up with a plan for future visits... so hopefully we'll be posting lots more about subsequent visits soon!

So that was our week, how was yours?