What We Are Eating This Week W/C 26th September

What, what, what? The end of September already? Seriously this month is jumping along rather nicely isn't it? It'll be Christmas before we know it... YAY! Talking of which who else is already stocking up and getting ready for Christmas? Me too!

A Typical Christmas Meal. I am so hungry right now.

Saturday - Gluten Free Toad In The Hole - A Family Favourite!

I love our Saturday meals as a family, we'll tuck into something yummy together and then watch Doctor Who together. I just hope that there aren't any Snakes this week because I was watching behind the cushions last week.

I hate snakes.

Anyhoo, meal today will be erm. Yeah. I don't know. I'll see what I fancy when I go shopping later tonight. Hang on I just worked it out!


Yup, gluten free Toad in the Hole.

Sunday - Roast

We have the Missionaries round to share our evening meal tonight. Daddy likes when they come round because as I'm sure you know, Men are always hungry and Missionaries are no exception. This means that our meal tonight will be huge! 

Daddy is going to cook a Roast Chicken and with it we'll have Roast Potatoes. Stuffing, Yorkshire Puddings, Vegetables and if I'm a good girl and buy some Bacon and Sausages some Sausages wrapped in Bacon, Gravy and hopefully we'll have a pudding too. 

I've got my fingers crossed for Apple Crumble with apples from our Tree in the garden, because Daddy makes a great Apple Crumble.

Meatless Monday - Pizza

Well, see here is a problem. Today Daddy has the day off work to take the car for it's MOT. Of course this doesn't really impact on what we are doing BUT Daddy is a traditional meat and two veg type chap and the only other thing I could hide being veggie is a Curry which we'll probably have tomorrow as our Anniversary meal...


Pizza it is.

Tuesday - Some Kind of Take Away

Today is my anniversary. Daddy aka Flyfour and I will have been married for Fourteen Years. This means the children will have a different meal to us as we'll eat later...

Chicken Curry. Yummy Yummy!

As it is a special day I'm going to let the children have a take away too.

Wednesday - Meal with Granny

We'll be having a meal tonight with my Mum. I'm not too sure what we'll have, but we'll be having something.

I figure it'll be either something from Ikea or possibly a Roast Chicken with Rice and Salad.

Thursday -  Sausage and Mash with Peas

It's a quick meal tonight because the Children have their after School activities that take up our time. We're planning on eating early and going for a walk together before Beavers and we're hoping it won't rain...

Sausage and Mash

Please pray for us!

Friday - Store Cupboard Pasta

I think that Store Cupboard Pasta is actually the best kind of Pasta. For me, there is nothing better than just throwing a tonne of stuff into a pan and cooking it all. I thought I'd use mushrooms, onions and peppers from the freezer and knowing what else I have in the cupboard some Passata which will be the sauce and of course I have lots of herbs to use too!

So this is what we have for our evening meals this week. What are you having?