Family Movie Nights #Sponsored

It is well known that every Sunday Top Ender and Daddy have a movie night. Together they are working their way through films of the Spy Genre, with an occasional Heist movie or Comedy thrown. For the Sunday night movies, Big Boy and I go upstairs. We could stay downstairs if we wanted to, but Big Boy and I prefer to do our own thing. Big Boy reads in bed and occasionally will play on his consoles and I tend to write a little and generally surf the web. Of course BB and I get the same treats as Daddy and Top Ender, well a bowl of popcorn anyway!

Tops and Daddy are slowly working out what makes a perfect movie night for them. For Top Ender it is a milkshake, plenty of popcorn and possibly a bit of Chocolate. Okay, definitely a bit of Chocolate. Daddy of course loves the treats too, although no milkshake for him, and really for him the most important thing is what he is watching the movie on. At the moment he is perfectly happy with our Projector, but with Christmas coming up he is researching for a 4k TV to put in the den, but Ssssh! It's a secret!

Sticky Popcorn - my favourite Popcorn!

What do you mean you want to know the secret? Promise you won't tell the Children? Well, okay then!

It has long been our plan to convert the den area into a Gaming area and we're planning on doing it in time for Christmas or New Year's Eve as a surprise for the children. We've looked at various pieces of furniture and I have several pinterest boards with images I've found online. It's also part of the whole make the house a home thing I've got going on at the moment, I want to be able to say that I love my home and maybe having a few key areas that I love will do that for me.

So far we've worked out what new units we want, I've eyed up some fantastic lights and some rather cool cushions and as we still have the amazing Marvels Avengers Poster up so the den area is going to be fantastic for gaming in.

Dulux Marvel Avengers Poster in the Den

Anyway, back to family movie nights!

Daddy and I have been thinking about making Sunday afternoons next year (when Church is in the mornings) a family movie afternoon. The plan is that we'll come home, we'll eat lunch and then watch a movie and do some crafting together based on the film, go for a walk and generally spend some time together. Of course, we'll eat again and Big Boy and I will pop upstairs and let Top Ender and Daddy watch a second movie together, whilst BB and I do our own stuff.

Do you have any theme ideas for a family friendly movie and an afternoon of crafting? I have a few movie theme days on an old blog post that we used when we were on half term holiday a few years back, but I need some new ideas!

I have a rather great list of movies and ideas for movie nights on my Family Movie Nights Pinterest board, but mostly we'll work through a list of films Daddy and I made up many years ago of films that we think are essential for the Children to watch and in some cases films we think the other should watch... did you know that Daddy didn't watch Ghostbusters until he was in his thirties?! He keeps claiming that this is the equivalent of me not having seen Trainspotting but it so isn't!

Ooh that would make a great question wouldn't it?! What so called classic film have you not watched that everyone says you should have or what film have you watched so many times that you can act it out perfectly, but everyone else looks at you in surprise for loving? Let me know in the comments!

I received payment for this post, I'm using it to buy even more popcorn!