Baby Pippa - I was a Cutie!

I was searching through some pictures a few weeks ago looking for baby pictures of me for a Faith In God activity I was in charge of when I found this picture of me, walking about in a baby walker. Yes, you are right, you may have seen it over on Emmy's Mummy when I was one of the bloggers you had to match to baby pictures in her Guess the Baby blog series.

I was talking to my Mum about it and luckily my Mum remembers the day this photograph was taken really clearly, I'd been taken to my Great Nan's home and luckily as my Dad had a huge Peugeot 406 Estate my Baby Walker fitted inside the car, along with all the rest of the hundred other things that any good Mother in the late 1970's, early 1980's took everywhere with her.

Baby Pippa in a Baby Walker

The reason this day stuck in her mind so much was because I was on the verge of walking. I had cruised around the sofa and tables, but wasn't free walking just yet.

I loved being free though, being able to move about on my own and so the baby walker was one of my favourite places to be. I would walk around and around and just be happy that I was able to do my own thing.

Now at my Great Nan's home there was a rather thick rug, right in the middle of my path around the living room. Everytime I tried to get over the rug, I couldn't. It was just too thick.

My Mum said she could see me getting frustrated as everytime I walked my walker to the edge of this rug it bounced back a little.

Eventually I got so annoyed that I stood at the edge of the rug, lifted my baby walker up and took three or four steps into the middle of the rug and plonked my baby walker down.

My Mum said my face was a treat, my toes wiggled into this thick rug, and my family seemed to think it was hilarious that I had decided to take matters into my own hands in order to have the rug beneath my feet.