Dan Jon Jr Got Baptised!

When Flyfour and I got married, we spoke at length about how we wanted to raise our children. One thing that we both agreed on, was that when our Children were old enough they would be able to decide if they wanted to attend Church with me and be baptised when they were old enough, or they could pick if they didn't want to attend Church and then they could stay at home with Flyfour and they didn't have to be baptised.

Dan Jon Jr in front of a picture of Christ and his Disciples

A few months ago, Dan Jon Jr changed his mind about attending Church and instead of hanging out with Flyfour at home, he decided to come to Church with Top Ender. Honestly I was a little surprised, we go to Church for three hours on a Sunday and I didn't know that Dan Jon could be away from his Computer for that long!
Then Dan Jon Jr decided that he would like to be baptised too.

The way it works in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is that you don't get baptised until you are eight years old, because we believe that is the age of accountability. We also believe that Baptism has to be full immersion, which we do in all white. Which is why Dan Jon changed out of his brand new suit (and he kept telling everyone that he got new pants, socks, shirts and vests too!) and into an all white outfit.

Dan Jon Jr in Baptismal Whites

Dan Jon was baptised and confirmed by a friend of our family, who also happens to be the First Counsellor in our Bishopric, but more importantly for Dan Jon Jr he is also the Daddy to someone Dan Jon considers to be one of his best friends and not just because they have almost identical names!

Dan Jon Jr asked for Top Ender and I to give talks at his Baptism. Top Ender talked about the Holy Ghost and I spoke about Baptism, but I'll write a post about the talks later this week.

I was so impressed with Dan Jon Jr, he listened to our talks and to the thoughts that Bishop gave too. His special day was brilliant, shared with family and friends and rounded off with cake.