Dan Jon Jr and The Holy Ghost

Yesterday I published the highlights of my Baptism themed talk to Dan Jon Jr at his Baptism this past Saturday. Dan Jon asked Top Ender to talk too and asked if she would mind talking about The Holy Ghost. 

The following are the highlights of the talk that Top Ender gave.

Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr at the Baptism

Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are the three members of the Godhead. Each of them are separate from each other, but they work together because they all want what is best for us. Today I’m going to talk to you a little about the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost has a spirit body, not a body of flesh and bone. This allows him to be with us all the time and help put ideas into our heads and feelings into our hearts. I also think it helps him to whisper into our ear, when we need him.

Another name for the Holy Ghost is the comforter. 

He comforts us when we are sad or in times of need. Isn't that great? It’s like having a hug from someone who loves us, even when our loved ones aren’t around. And this is why I have this blanket for you. I know that you like wrapping yourself up in lots of blankets but this one is a special Holy Ghost reminder blanket. It's warm and soft and one of your favourite colours too!

Dan Jon Jr with his three bears and blanket

The Holy Ghost helps us in many other ways too. Like, if you have a test as long as you try to work hard he will help you do well. Or if you need to make a decision quick sometimes he prompts you to decide A instead of B and sometimes he helps us avoid situations that could turn out bad for us.

Some people might think this is intuition or luck, but we know it is the Holy Ghost prompting us.

I bet by now you're wondering how you can know when you have the Holy Ghost with you. Okay, I want you to think back to either last night when you were snuggled up in bed with your blankets and you were just drifting off to sleep, or this morning when you were snuggled up in bed and just on the edge of waking up properly.

You know how you felt warm and snugly and safe?

That’s how the Holy Ghost makes us feel.

When you feel love or joy or peace or patience, when you are gentle and kind, you are feeling the influence of the Holy Ghost in your life.

Everyone feels the spirit in a different way and as you live with him as your constant companion you’ll soon work out when it is the Holy Ghost talking to you.

After I was baptised mum asked me how I felt. It’s become a joke now that I said wet, which is true I was, but it was after I got the gift of the Holy Ghost that I wish Mum had asked me, how I felt.
I felt special and very happy and thankful and like my heart was about to burst out of my chest and sing a song and do a little tap dance!

Dan Jon Jr loved Top Enders talk and he has not put that blanket down since he got it! My entire house is covered in a light blue fluff!