Tesco Halloween Fun

I love Halloween. I think it is a good excuse to dress up, eat sweets and generally spend a bit of time with family having a laugh. I think this is also why I love our annual Trunk N Treat at Church. The Children, Flyfour and I love to get together with our friends and socialise, eat at a pot luck supper and of course there are sweets and costumes and because we have lots of American friends proper Pumpkin Pie!

Pumpkins, glorious plump pumpkins!

When Tesco asked if I'd like a voucher to go explore their Halloween range and hopefully get some great bits for Halloween, I of course said yes! I was going to go with Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr as they were here when the Halloween Hamper arrived (well Dan Jon was!)

Dan Jon Jr and the Tesco Halloween Hamper!

Although they decided that as it was Flyfour and I that had the idea about what to do with our car boot (trunk!) for Halloween, that it should be us that went to explore and stock up on the gruesome and macabre!

One thing that you probably should know about me and Flyfour is that we are as daft as each other and we love hanging out together and making even something boring like the weekly food shop a fun event... You know those cute couples that you see having a laugh together and you think, ahh couple goals! That's me and Flyfour.

Which is why we started off the shopping trip, with this photograph.

PippaD AKA Pumpkin Head

Yup, Flyfour assured me that this was a good photograph of me. He's a cheeky one.

The most important thing for us was to stock up on plenty of sweets and a couple of pots to hold the sweets in. In fact a lady walked past our trolley, did a sort of double take when she clocked the sweets in the trolley and immediatley declared she wanted to go home with Flyfour and I as we looked like we had the perfect weekend planned!

Flyfour with his Trick or Treat Bowls

Now, I'm not going to share our idea with you about how we are decorating our Trunk for Trunk N Treat, because we want it to be a surprise come Halloween, but feel free to try and guess what the theme is based on our purchases and what we were looking at!

There were lots of costumes and masks and hair things and sprays and make up and if we hadn't already got our own costumes organised, there were a lot of things that we could have seen ourselves in. I mean look at Flyfour, he found a mask that he modelled for!

A selection of Masks and costume additions on sale in TescoFlyfour making a Monkey of himself!Neon Cat Headbands perfect for some fun this Halloween

There were some really cute clothes too. I found a fabulous Carved Pumpkin Face T-Shirt (but it was only for Children) and I'm gutted that Top Ender is at School Halloween Day as she would have LOVED this T-Shirt. We did find a really cool T-Shirt for Dan Jon Jr and as he is off on Halloween Day, he'll be rocking this during the day!

Pumpkin Face Girls T-ShirtIt's Alive Carved Halloween Pumpkin Face Shirt

I couldn't stop laughing at one of the decorations that Tesco had on their shelves, these spooky garlands, look like they are truely depressed! Look at the despondentness on the Ghost and Bat below! They are so mournful, but I also happen to think they are cute too.

Ghost GarlandBat Garland

The one thing that we didn't get just yet was our Pumpkins. They were present in abundance and so I'll wait until Half Term, where we'll pick some extra large ones for carving and some small ones (which are more flavoursome) to make Soup, Pies, Risotto and Mash! They also had Ghost pumpkins (the white ones on the left) which I can't wait to play around with and create some really great designs (I'm thinking Ghost faces or Jack Skellington!).

Ghost PumpkinsLarge Pumpkins perfect for carving!

The last thing I do have to leave you with is a picture of me being a truly proper Mummy Blogger...

PippaD A Real Mummy Blogger

I was sent a voucher to buy some Halloween supplies in Tesco in exchange for this here blog post.