Dan Jon Jr's Netflix Party

Dan Jon Jr has recently discovered the power of Netflix.

For ages, Dan Jon Jr has sort of thought that Netflix was a Mummy and Top Ender thing. It wasn't that he couldn't control it, or didn't have access to it. It was just that other than a few films that we'd watched together he didn't really seem that interested in the shows available to him on his Netflix profile.

Dan Jon Jr playing Minecraft with his friends online

A lot of Dan Jon Jr's friends are online friends. He shares online worlds with them and they will regularly meet up online to play various different games on their consoles. They enjoy the same things, they enjoy hanging out and they want to share the same experiences which is why I love listening to them when they meet up online.

They chat about their days, about what they have had for their lunch or evening meal, what their homework is, what result they got on their latest test... basically everything that you would share with friends that you would invite into your home to hang out with.
The problem was, they are boys between the ages of 7 and 12 and they don't always want to play a game together but they do want to hang out together.

Then comes the problem of having online friends.

You see, being an onlne friend means you don't have to live nearby. You could live in a different town or a different city or as is the case for Dan Jon Jr in a different country.

It was up to me to solve the problem.

After a bit of thinking Dan Jon Jr and I decided that he and his online buddies should organise a regular time to sit and watch Netflix together.

So they organsied a time where they would all start watching a cartoon at the same time. They decided to go with the Netflix Original How To Train Your Dragon Legends. Watch one episode and chat at the same time.

 Netflix Original How To Train Your Dragon Legends

And so they did (with a handy Chrome app that we found). The boys loved it, and have decided to make it a regular thing, where they'll watch a programme together and chat about it via the app and then in person the next time they play together online.

I love that the modern world is bringing us all closer together.