What We Are Eating W/C 8th October 2016

I got the meal plan sorted really early in the week, because I was cleaning out the fridge and freezer and making sure I'd used up all my leftovers and portions of meals that I had saved for my lunches! As I went on I could see the dishes I could make from the ingredients I have to hand and so hopefully this week will be a cheap shopping week!

I'm going to be making some sweet treats this week too, did you see the doughnuts I made last week? What about the Cake Bagels? What else should I make this week?

Saturday - Sausages and Mash

We all love Sausages and Mash here, I'll let Flyfour decide if he is going to make a Sticky Sausage and Herby Mash, or an Onion Gravy or something else entirely, but as long as he has the ingredients, he'll be happy to potter about adn make what he wants!

Sunday - Maple Glazed Roast Salmon

I was trying to think about what I could get Flyfour to make that was tasty and also good for us. We discussed a few different roast ideas, but I was sure we should have fish and so when I found this recipe for Maple Glazed Roast Salmon I got Flyfour interested in making it... and he took the bait!

Meatless Monday - Soup and Toasties

I have a lot of home made soup in the freezer and that's what we're going to be having tonight! I figured we'd have some toasties because the Children love them and I plan on eating home made soup over the next few days for lunch...

Tuesday - Leftover Salmon and Feta Puff Pizza

The Salmon we had on Sunday is going to be a leftover meal today. The children will have leftover Pizza in their lunchbox the next day and Flyfour and I will have a hot smoked Salmon Salad as soon as I'm back from dropping the children off at various places!

Wednesday - Casserole

Remember how I made a Casserole the weekend before last? Well, I ended up making two. One got shoved into the freezer and it's going to be eaten tonight, with plenty of french stick and butter to mop it up with.

Thursday - Jacket Potato

I think that our Jacket Potatoes are becoming a staple each week. We are loving having a meal which we can customise to our own tastes and it makes my kitchen toasty warm and then it smells amazing and everyone loves a nice jacket potato right?!

I'm thinking I might tell everyone that they have to have tuna tonight though.

Friday - Slow Cooker Curry

I was looking at a friends facebook timeline the other day and saw that she had a recipe for what looked like a fantastic Butter Chicken Curry, so I decided to make it today.

If the recipe works, I'll make sure to include it here!