Toby The Bento Friend Lunchbox And A Remembered Passion #Review

When the DotComGiftShop asked if I'd like a Toby along with a voucher to spend in their online store, I said Yes straight away. (As soon as I get my voucher code, I'll be purchasing a Rosie as well as some other Christmas surprises... stalk me in a couple of weeks to find out what!)

Bento Box Friends Toby

I said Yes, becasue recently I was reminded that making lunches fun is a passion of mine and I was reminded thanks to Heavenly inspiration.

At Church each month the women's group has an evening where we get together and do "stuff". It might be that we go for a walk around a local lake, or that we do a fitness class, or that we eat cake or waffles, or we might have someone come and talk to us or we go and do an act of service. Whatever it is however, we have fun doing it together.

A few weeks ago, one of the women organising one of these evenings asked for volunteers to talk about Healthy Packed Lunches. This is something I know about, so I volunteered myself to talk and sent the organiser a few ideas about what I could talk about. The organiser was thrilled, as like always I had at least twenty hours of chattering away inside of me but really we only needed about half an hour!

Which is why I choose to leave a Governors meeting slightly early and sprint to my car in heels (that was a sight!) to take the various lunchboxes and treats I had made to my local Chapel, where we were holding our meeting and there I spoke about the break down of a healthy lunch box.

Toby the Bento Friend Box in pieces
Tell me you get the break down joke seeing this picture.
A portion of Carbohydrate, a portion of protein, a portion of dairy and two portions of Fruit or Vegetables... although like me most of the Mums there also threw in a treat too.

We spoke for a good hour together, whilst I explained the vairous lunches I had put together and talked about the carb counting I do for Dan Jon Jr because of his Type 1 Diabetes. And then the other women got to eat some food that I had made and that the organisers had made too (The organiser had made different flavoured waters, they were amazing and had some fun watermelon triangles).

The muffins I made were gone within seconds, despite them being healthy. As were the Sushi Sandwiches (in the picture below) and the recipe cards which had been made up were being passed around and promises being given that they were going to make this for their families in the next few days.

Some Sandwich Sushi, Ham roll ups, Nectraine Flower and Dan Jon Jr Biscuits

And they did.

Three of the women (that I know about) made the Sushi over the next couple of days and their families loved it. And the women loved that it was something fun and healthy and that it takes not that much longer than making a regular sandwich.

That evening reminded me that I love making healthy lunches for Dan Jon Jr and Top Ender, (even if she does eat at School three days a week now) and that I loved blogging about them. Having Toby offered to me was like a reminder that I could still talk about lunches on this here blog when ever I wanted to.

Which is why, here is what I put in Toby for Dan Jon Jr last Tuesday.

A deconstructed Toby Bento Friend with lunch inside

Dan Jon Jr decided to go with a Ham Pizza Bagel (Carb, protein and dairy), a small pack of snack biscuits (treat) and a mixed berry fruit salad (2 portions of fruit). I also slipped into his lunch box a small pot of yogurt and a drink of sugar free flavoured water.

Dan Jon Jr loved it, and Toby was a big hit with the other children on the table he sat at to eat his lunch. One child asked if Dan Jon Jr would consider swapping lunch boxes with him (not the food, just the boxes) and another asked if he paid Dan Jon Jr, would he get his Mum to make him lunches too!

The Bento Friend Box is the perfect size for a child's lunch (or me if I actually eat the portion sizes we're supposed to eat!) and looks so adorable that it doesn't look out of place being in a grown up's handbag!

Toby all dressed up and ready to go!

Expect to see a lot more of Toby and Rosie on this blog and my Instagram feed over the next few months!

Toby the Bento Box Friend was gifted to me by the dotcomgiftshop, but they didn't ask for this post I just thought it was cool and wanted to share it with my friends!