All Meals We Are Eating 14th January 2019

January is moving so fast! I'm actually a little glad because I hope we are rushing to a beautiful Summer! We were totally spoiled last year, with a wonderful Summer and so I'm hoping that this year will be just as special. And if not, then I'm just going to sit in the garden with a rain hat on and pretend it is Sunny.

Top Ender and PippaD in the rain at the England London Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Monday - Breakfast Muffins
Tuesday - Cereal and Toast
Wednesday - Bullseye Egg
Thursday - Toast and Fruit
Friday - Bacon Sandwich
Saturday and Sunday - Fend for yourself!


Last week, the children didn't have any School Meals... mainly because I forgot to put the form in for Dan Jon before he broke up for Christmas and so he didn't get them! We did manage to remember to put the form in last week though, and even though it was a day late the staff in the office sorted me out, so DJ is happy to be back to his normal routine.

Monday - School Lunch
Tuesday - Cheese Sandwich
Wednesday - School Lunch
Thursday - Ham Sandwich
Friday - School Lunch
Saturday - Sausage Roll
Sunday - Fish Finger Sandwiches

Main Meal

Monday - Beans on Toast
Tuesday - Jacket Potato with Tuna
Wednesday - Soup and Toasties
Thursday - Take Away Curry (Flyfour's Birthday!)
Friday - Chicken and Bacon Pasta
Saturday - Pizza or Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza
Sunday - Fish and Chips

So, that's what we're eating this week, how about you?