The "Not Snooker" Snooker Table

Flyfour and I were watching The Masters (it's a Snooker tournament) when we decided that we really wanted a half-sized snooker table. We would never be able do anything in our Living Room ever again, but that doesn't matter when we could possibly be raising the next great Snooker player right?!

Following our discussion, Flyfour disappeared with my car for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon and when he returned, well, Flyfour decided that what we should probably do, was buy something a little smaller than a half-sized Snooker table, which was probably a good idea as those things are HUGE.

The New Multi-Games Table

The table wasn't quite what Flyfour had intended to buy. It isn't even a Snooker Table, but a mini Pool table (much to Flyfour's disgust and my gratitude! Pool I can play, Snooker I'm not so good at). It is also a Football Table (FOOSBALL!), a Table Hockey Table, a Table Tennis Table and a Bowling Table. Yeah, I didn't know that was a thing either.

Every night when Dan Jon gets home from School, we play a quick game of Table Football together. As soon as Top Ender is done with her homework before she rushes off to volunteer or to one of her other activities we have a quick game. Every night when Flyfour gets home from work, he plays a quick game with Dan Jon and on the nights that Top Ender is home, with her too.

It has quickly become a fun family pastime and I'm going to rework the living room so that we can keep this table out and still access the dining table, the bookshelves and use the living room and den too. I'm not sure if it is possible, but I'm going to try!

In the meantime, I'm still hunting for a decently priced outdoor snooker table, or possibly even a combi-game table. They exist right?!