All Meals We Are Eating W/C 7th January 2019

The children are back to School today, and I think that means that I am finally back into my normal routine... although I'm hoping to change it up a little this year and do all those chores I keep saying I'm going to do and then never do. I've tried to pick meals for the next week, that are healthy balanced nutritious meals, as well as cheap (as apart from about three things it has all been from the pantry!), fairly quick and easy to make and most importantly all the family like!

Doughnuts, because who doesn't love doughnuts?


Monday - Breakfast Muffins (Egg with Veggies!)
Tuesday - Cereal and Toast
Wednesday - Boiled Eggs and Soldiers
Thursday - Toast and Fruit
Friday - Sausage Sandwiches
Saturday and Sunday - Fend for yourself!


As normal, where lunch is concerned I either eat the same as the children do, Leftovers or whatever I can find in the pantry. which is normally a variety of items that I never feel like eating!

Monday - Pasta Salad
Tuesday - Cheese Sandwiches
Wednesday - Sausage Rolls
Thursday - Ham Sandwiches
Friday - Sandwiches of some kind!
Saturday - Poutine (Just without the proper curds)
Sunday - BBQ Chicken for all

Evening Meals

Monday - Vegetable Curry
Tuesday - Tuna Pasta
Wednesday - Soy Sauce Rice and Veggies
Thursday -  Soup and Rolls
Friday - Mac and Cheese with crumb topping and some hidden veggies!
Saturday - Toasties and Soup
Sunday - Shepherd's Pie

So, that is what we are planning on eating this week. I spent just under £25 at the Supermarket and most of that was Cat Food!