Top Ender's January Date

The first person to get a date in January was Top Ender, just because with all the volunteering she and I do, I knew as soon as they started back up we were going to have issues with getting time together! So after picking up Flyfour from the train station and leaving him and Dan Jon at home, we went on our first date of the year.

Oh sorry. Outing. Top Ender told me it isn't a date, it was an outing.

I know that Top Ender loves going to Ikea, she loves walking around and examining the different products, eating in the Restaurant or the Bistro and of course I love it too. So that is what I organised for her first outing.

We started off in the restaurant as it was already late and we were hungry. We sat and we ate and we talked and we giggled and we caught each other up with what was going on and what was coming up over the next few weeks and we were having fun.

Daim Bar Cake on our January Date in Ikea

When we'd finished, we started walking around the store. Stopping and looking at everything and finding different items that I thought Flyfour might like to use in our bedroom makeover... okay things that I hope that Flyfour will use in our bedroom makeover!

Top Ender and I didn't think that we were going to be that long. I mean it wasn't that we didn't want to hang out together, we just forgot that time moves differently in Ikea and so when we did finally emerge from the store we didn't realise we had been in there for two hours.

As we drove home, Top Ender and I were still chatting, still full of the joys of spring, still connected, still enjoying each other's company. And I was glad, this is exactly what I wanted from these dates, I wanted to connect with Top Ender, I wanted to keep our friendship strong, our relationship strong.

I think this was the perfect gift to all the family and can't wait for the rest of the year to unfold.