Top Ender Has Magic Luck!

I'm starting to think that Top Ender has some magic in her.

Over the last month or two, Top Ender has had a rather lot of luck when it has come to buying clothes for herself. I didn't notice it at first, but now looking back, I can see that she seems to be very lucky, almost as if she has cast a magic spell over herself. It all started back in November when Top Ender was told she was unable to wear her jumpsuit to the School Christmas Concert.

Top Ender in her Jumpsuit

The staff were concerned that some of the students had interpreted the Concert Dress rules a little too loosely and so they made the rules a little stricter, which meant Cello playing Top Ender, could either find a MASSIVE Skirt that she could wear that would allow a Cello to be between her legs, or go for trousers and a white shirt.

We were in Tesco, where Top Ender found a White shirt, with a black line down it that took her fancy. It was marked down from £25 to £10 and knowing it would do her for a couple of concerts, I purchased it for her... only when we got to the tills it was actually a bargain of £4.

Top Ender's Bargain White Shirt

A few nights later and Top Ender, Flyfour and I were in Asda. Top Ender had been complaining that she needed some new Skirts, in particular, to wear to Church. Top Ender, like me, prefers a skirt that still touches her knees when she is sitting down (which we do a lot of at Church) and sure enough there was one skirt that jumped out at her that she thought would be a good fit for her.

When it went through the tills, it turned out it was just £3.

Top Ender's Bargain White Lace Skirt

Then, Top Ender went to Asda on her birthday and found two outfits that she LOVED. A Red Dress and a Black Playsuit/Jumpsuit thing. At the Till, she found the Playsuit was just £10 and the dress £3.

Top Ender's Black Playsuit/JumpsuitTop Ender's Bargain Red Dress

A couple of days later and Top Ender was back in Tesco, with Gran and me. Again Top Ender found a dress that was her style, size and of course when we got to the tills, a grand total of £4.

Top Ender's Bargain Floral Black Dress

Once, I could say was lucky. Twice a very lucky young lady but four times? Yeah, I don't believe there isn't any magic involved, nobody can be that lucky!