The Still Small Voice

I was driving home, a few weeks ago, when I heard a still small voice tell me to go to a shop that was slightly out of my way. "No," I said eager to get home. I thought to myself/the voice there is a shop with better parking closer to my home. There is a better selection of cakes at this other store. I know where everything is so I'll be in and out. The still small voice just repeated the previous instruction. Go to this shop before you go home. There was no argument, no increase in volume, or change in tone. It was just a calm voice telling me to do something.

I knew better than to argue with the still small voice. I've tried that before and trust me, arguing with a voice nobody else can hear gets you weird looks, so I went to the shop. I purchased some cakes and bumped into a child that I know. A child who was being bullied. I stopped the bullying for that moment, discreetly let the staff in the store know so they could look out for the child in the future and gave the child a lift home.

After I had dropped the child off, I drove around the corner and stopped so I could pray. I prayed and gave thanks for the Holy Ghost prompting me to stop at this shop, putting me in the right place at the right time to be there for this child.

Hot Chocolate Is a little like The Still Small Voice, Warm Comforting and a bit like a hug

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, believe that members are blessed with the gift of the Holy Ghost. This is given after we have been baptised and confirmed a member of the Church. The blessing, given by placing hands upon the person's head, means that they will receive continual guidance and inspiration from the Holy Ghost.

We do believe that before we are blessed, we may receive temporary guidance, and many people all around the world right now are probably hearing the still small voice of the Holy Ghost, or having a feeling that urges them to do something, to check on someone, to double check the baby gate is locked, or to call a friend.

You have probably experienced this.

We believe that the Holy Ghost can also manifest itself as a warm feeling, a comfort. When you are sad, lonely or worried. Be it about your children, your parents, the bills, because nobody is with you, because you're missing those who have moved away or died, or just because it is a Tuesday. It is the Holy Ghost that we can feel, giving us comfort, feeling a warmth envelope us, making us whole, helping us remember that someone is on our side.

I hope you have experienced this.

We believe that the Holy Ghost can be a burning or fluttering telling us if something is true or right. When we pray to know if there is a choice we should make, an option we should take, or to find out if something is true. We sometimes feel this as a burning in our chest, or like butterflies in our stomach and it prompts us to get up and share our testimony or to choose an option when we weren't sure before.

It's something you have to experience to understand and I hope you will.

Next time you hear something whispered to you, listen. Feel the Spirit surround you and act upon it. It may make the world a better place, or at least your world.