DIY Plans 2019

At the end of 2018, the radiator in our bedroom developed a leak. We didn't notice for a few days, not until one evening when Flyfour walked into our Bedroom and felt the carpet go Squelch under his feet. Yeah, yum. The radiator was repaired quite easily thanks to our Home Care agreement, almost a week later, and in the meantime, Flyfour and I started discussing in earnest about how we would like our bedroom to look and ran the dehumidifier to attempt to suck up the water that had leaked.

We eventually agreed upon what we'd like the bedroom to look like. Which funnily was the exact thing I had wanted two years ago and had finally worn Flyfour down managed to find enough ideas and images of other people who had a similar size bedroom and layout with the colour scheme too.

This was where the fun started.

Grey and White Bed Linen (with Mustard accents eventually!)The Rug under our bed. Which will be on Laminate Flooring. Or our floorboards if they are good enough!

Flyfour, like me, loves a bit of a challenge, which is pretty much why the Folly was built. It was more a case of Flyfour wanting to prove he could, wanting to prove that he completed his challenges and well, a tiny bit of spite because a little bit of proving your wife wrong can be healthy and I did quite clearly say I didn't think he would ever do it. So Flyfour asked me to set a time limit of when our Bedroom had to be completed by.

I could have been evil. I could have been. Instead, I very kindly suggested that I would like it to be completed by Easter. And so Flyfour has plans to complete our bedroom (I'm not helping!) by the 19th of April 2019. It's going to be great!

I, however, didn't want to miss out on the fun. And this is the first that Flyfour will hear of it, sitting on his train reading my blog post.

I decided that I wanted to complete our Back Garden this year. We need another raised bed built on our lawn, (well actually I'd like two, but I'm sticking with just one for now!) and so I'm going to sort this out on my own (okay, so maybe with some help from some friendly Missionaries, my lovely husband and any other friends or relatives who I can persuade to lend me a hand) before the late May Bank Holiday. That's right, I will have completed it by May 27th 2019.

The view of our garden from the folly. The raised bed will be on the left of the garden right up to the Deck. And if I can another on the right for the same length!

So they are our two big DIY plans for the year. I'll try to remember to keep you all updated here, or Instagram, Facebook or on Twitter!