Dan Jon's Super Sonic Hearing

Dan Jon has always been polite. I mean SUPER polite. He is known as the child who bows to his teachers (and a couple of teachers even had a little thing going where they would try and bow before he did so that they'd beat him to the punch although they never did), he checks I'm okay and I've had a good day before he tells me his news, he takes other peoples plates to the dishwasher, gets other people drinks before getting one for himself, asks after others, always wants to Serve.

He honestly is super polite and thoughtful, goodness knows what I did to deserve this child, but it must have been something super excellent.

The problem is that sometimes his politeness drives us crazy. Or maybe it has driven us crazy. You see, Dan Jon has developed some Super Sonic Hearing and combined with his politeness there is a something he does that is just... well super polite, incredibly endearing but also a tiny bit spooky at times!

Dan Jon at the Top of the Blackpool Tower

Dan Jon is able to hear you sneeze, even when you sneeze just a small tiny sneeze, from the other end of the house to the end he is in. And yes, I know I do not live in a huge mansion, but it's far enough away that he shouldn't be able to hear!

For example, I'm downstairs right now and I just sneezed. Dan Jon is upstairs in his bedroom. Of course, it is well documented that I sneeze loudly, my neighbours have often shouted Bless you, if I've sneezed when I'm in the garden, but this was a small delicate ladylike sneeze. I also have the living room door closed, and Dan Jon has his bedroom door closed and he has headphones on and is listening to whatever he has decided is his Spotify playlist of the day and yet, if I stop and listen what can I hear?

I can hear Dan Jon call "Bless you!" down to me.

It doesn't matter what Dan Jon is doing, if his headphones are on, if he is watching TV, playing a computer game, doing his homework, reading his book, making something with Lego, crafting, colouring in, making a newspaper, sorting out his treasures, making sure his hats still fit him, hidden under a pile of blankets, talking to the cats, even if he is sleeping! If he hears a sneeze, and trust me he hears you sneeze, he calls "Bless You" out.

A couple of weeks ago, Flyfour and I were enjoying some alone time, whilst the children were at School. We had gone to our local shopping centre, and we were just having a nose around together when Flyfour sneezed.

We joked that Dan Jon wouldn't have heard that. We were five miles away, in an indoor shopping centre and he was at School, probably enjoying doing some Topic work. And then we heard it.

We heard Dan Jon call "Bless You!".

Flyfour and I stopped and looked at each other, with a slight shake of our heads we agreed silently that we hadn't heard Dan Jon, it was in our imaginations. Or was it?!