Giving Blood #GiveBlood

Ever since I've been able to, I've given blood. Yes, despite my fear of it, despite passing out if I see my own blood and despite the fact that if I'm perfectly honest the idea of draining blood out of me creeps me out.

However, I'm very civic-minded and feel it is my duty as my Mum isn't able to give blood as she is a Type 1 Diabetic, and here in the UK, there is a rule that anybody who would be put at risk giving blood is unable to do so.

Which also means that Dan Jon Jr can't when he is old enough either. There are just two years for Top Ender to wait until she is old enough. Do you think would it be wrong to schedule her first appointment for her Birthday in 2021?

A Plaster on my arm after giving Blood
For the last couple of years, I've been unable to give blood. Mainly because the donation times were at times where I either had something else on, was not able to get to the place the donating was happening at, or had a cold and really couldn't give blood. I think my blood phobia was also a little bit of it, I would psych myself out a bit and not want to faint in a room full of strangers!

I was determined that 2019 would be the year I got a better balance in my life, however, and giving blood was just one part of that.

Which is why on Monday, as soon as the Children were back in School, I took myself to a local hall where I was able to donate 470ml of my A+ whilst having a lovely conversation about why I couldn't look at anything other than the book I was reading.

I made friends with a lovely older lady, we talked about our craft projects, her family, my family, our volunteer work, our civic-mindedness (I was wearing my Guides jacket and she recognised the logo), and even agreed to book our next appointments at the same time so we could have another natter!

If you can give blood, or if you aren't sure if you can, or if it has been ages since you last gave blood then please do take a look at the NHS Blood Donation website and find out how you can start again, find out if you can or book an appointment to go.

If I can do it with my phobia of blood, then you can do it too!