How I Mastered Time Travel (With No Tardis In Sight)

In trying to help Top Ender with her school work I found out that I had mastered Time Travel as a child. When I was around six or seven years old, I travelled back in time to 1939, (that's forty years before I was born). Whilst I was in 1939 I didn't warn everybody about Hitler or buy Ice Cream but I had my picture taken and then time travelled back to the future and somehow lost all memory of how to master time travel and that I had actually managed it. In fact I would still be none the wiser if I hadn't seen the picture of me and it's the only logical reason.*

Let me take you back in time to just a few weeks ago to explain this.

The theme for this term at Top Ender's school is World War Two, which means she has been coming out with little facts (Did you know Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister at the start of the war Mum?) and is generally developing an understanding of the period in general. The children seem to be focusing on evacuees and what it was like to be evacuated. This prompted a memory of Daddy's as there is a picture in a book of Daddy's Grandmother who was evacuated in the war. The first logical step was to ask my Father In Law if he knew what the book was called. He didn't. So I did what any parent would do. I went to the local library and looked at every single book on Evacuees and the Second World War that had pictures.

So there I am with a mountain of books and I find a picture of me.
Evacuees having dinner, October 1939
I'm in the back row second from the right.
Now you will have to take my word that this is me because somehow all pictures of me prior to 1990 are missing. Which is odd because I know I have them somewhere and also it's from 1990 onwards that I start sporting some really bad hair do's and some really odd clothing mistakes. Honest though I look exactly like that girl having her dinner in 1939.

I've stopped looking for the picture of Daddy's Grandma now and instead I'm focusing on reading books set during the war. Which is handy seeing as the Imperial War Museum North sent Top Ender some books (we've donated them to Top Ender's School so all her classmates can read them too) to promote their Once Upon a Wartime exhibition that is being launched on the 12th February. I'm just glad none of these fiction books have pictures of me in.

*Okay so the most logical reason is that it is a distant relation of mine (a quick check of my family tree has no children being evacuated and no girls of a similar age in 1939) or maybe I'm an early Cryonics experiment or a Vard√łger but I prefer the mastering time travel answer.