Rose Bouquet Valentines Cakes

In my quest for making Valentines really sweet this year I am baking, baking baking! I decided that making a lot of little treats would be best, as that way everybody that I love can get something. I'm not just limiting Valentines to my Husband and Children, but I'm including my Mum, my Sister and her family, my Nan, my Neighbours, my Friends and you the readers! That's right there is going to be a special Valentines gift and competition for you all.

Since making the Rose Bouquet Cupcakes for mine and my Mum's birthday I've been thinking about how to make them more easily and maybe a little less calorific. I mean I love icing and it's obviously one of my best skills (ROFL) but there has to be another way. I just needed to get thinking, or rather get my family thinking.

Flower Bouquet Birthday Cake

I tell my Mum all the problems that I have, so she can help me solve them! I wasn't surprised when inspiration came to her to solve the Rose Bouquet cupcake problem and she managed to combine it with a Christmas present for my Sister and I. My Mum was looking through the Betterware catalogue and saw the Rose Shaped Silicone Cupcake Mould and decided that this was the answer. As soon as I saw them I knew she was right and I couldn't wait to make some for Top Ender and Big Boy and because everybody likes red roses, I used some red food colouring too tint the cake batter.

Rose Bouquet Valentines Cake

They have gone down really well with both Big Boy and Top Ender and I'm pretty sure that when I give these to my Neighbours for Valentines that they will be gratefully received!