A Long Drive For A Photo

Last weekend after I had posted about being a fantastic Mummy and trying to find a book that Daddy's Grandma is pictured in, one of Daddy's Aunts (Hello "H"!) contacted me and gave the name of two books that she thought we might find the picture in. A quick search found that the one book we hadn't already borrowed was available to borrow from a library in Woodford Halse in Northamptonshire which was about an hour's drive from Milton Keynes.

We did what any family fun loving family would do.

We grabbed our adventure bag, our coats and ipods (well the children did) and jumped into the car ready for an adventure. Big Boy soon fell asleep and Top Ender was engrossed in her playlists so Daddy and I had a great chat and listened to the radio. We found the library and the library book and the picture of Daddy's Grandma and after taking a minute to join the library we borrowed the book (and a couple of others) and then we were on our way back home.

Mrs Bridge and her Evacuees
The girl in question is the middle head behind Mrs Bridge's arm.
Top Ender is now pretty certain that because we would go on a two hour round trip adventure to find a book for one picture that we will also go on an adventure to take part in the activities at the Imperial War Museum North this half term (It's only three hours away Mum! And it's Free to go and they are talking about stories about war so it would be good for me for my school project!) I hate to disappoint her, but it is just too far even if the storytelling sessions and masked characters sound great fun.