A Lazy Morning Breakfast

On Friday afternoon the Fish Is The Dish twitter account tweeted a link to the Smoked Haddock Rarebit which as soon as I saw thought would be a fantastic Valentines breakfast or lazy day breakfast. Daddy wouldn't be able to eat it (his egg allergy) and as Daddy will be going to work early on Valentines Day I knew if I wanted to eat it I would have to make it myself. So I did. It was really easy to make and for my lazy Saturday morning it was the perfect treat.

Smoked Haddock Rarebit

Saturday mornings for me are lazy. They are the day that I get up with the children and they graze on fruit or pastries, we don't get dressed until Daddy gets up (sometime after nine but always before ten) and if I'm feeling particularly energetic I might clean the kitchen or do some baking but it's okay if all we do is sit on the sofa and watch cartoons or play computer games together.

On Sundays I get to sleep in and Daddy gets up with the children. I'm not sure what happens, as I'm upstairs sleeping, but I think from the overheard conversations and excitement that it's pretty much the same as what happens on a Saturday. There is cartoon watching, computer game playing and Daddy too gets to decide if he wants to clean the kitchen, do some baking or something else entirely!

This system works well for us and we wouldn't swap our lazy mornings for anything. Although I wouldn't day No if Daddy brought me the Smoked Haddock Rarebit for breakfast in bed today!