Me Right Now... Well Last Night - The Gallery

Tara is a tricky one isn't she? The gallery theme this week was Me Right Now, as in wherever you were when you read the prompt that's what Tara wanted you to take a picture of. So I asked Daddy to take a picture for me and here it is.
Me Right Now

That's right I'm knitting (a pink scarf for Top Ender, the green one for Big Boy is just behind my head), drinking a milkshake (strawberry because my microwave disintegrated and I couldn't have a hot chocolate), watching TV (Suits on Dave in HD. It's a great show), reading a book (I've just got up to how to make Chutney), on the telephone (to my Mum) and of course surfing the web.

What does it show? I guess it shows that I'm a bit of a multi-tasker and I shouldn't start something before finishing the other!