Something For The Weekend - Pick a Picnic!

This weekend Top Ender has gone to stay at her Gran's for the night and so Big Boy, Daddy and I are going to do something a bit fun that Daddy and I like to do when we are wanting to do something special together. We love to go to a supermarket we don't normally go to, and to pick several items to create a hamper picnic for ourselves. We choose cold meats, fish, cheeses, fruit and vegetables, different breads, drinks, cakes, dips and anything that we see and think we would like to eat or try. We normally end up spending around £30 when we do this but when I work it out compared to the price of a meal out and add the fun of picking out the different foods it doesn't blow our budget too much.

I think it's a great weekend family treat as something like this needs some time, not only to choose the different foods but also to spend time together whist eating because it takes time to sample everything and this way of eating is conducive to conversation between all the family. It's fun to try new foods together and to have a little bit of several things and I tend to find that whilst the meal may take longer that nobody over eats. Big Boy loves being able to choose different foods and to be able to eat the foods in any order (well some savoury first!) and I love it because having everyone try something new is a great way to introduce a new flavour.

Forman & Field offered to send us any gourmet gift basket we liked the look of from their website, but as I hate making any choices I asked if they would mind sending me what they thought I would like and if they could do their best to send some gluten free goodies too. They took the challenge upon themselves and sent out a a brilliant (mostly Gluten free) Hamper full of little things we might like to try as part of a fun picnic. There were different Cheese's, Ham, Pork Pie, Banana Cake, Chocolate Brownie, Smoked Salmon, Lemon Curd, Potted Lobster, Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding, some best chocolate, and boy did they all taste good. It was fantastic to have such a variety of tastes and also to have so many new things (the cheeses) to try that we wouldn't have thought to try ourselves.

Forman & Field Cheese from the Hamper

I have a feeling that when Top Ender finds out that we were having so much fun without her that she might try and get us to have another picnic.

Forman & Field sent us a hamper to review. It was really tasty.