Naked Fish Leftovers For Lunch

When I was about eight my family and I were in a pub restaurant near to my Grandparents home at the seaside. The owner of the Pub had become good friends with my Grandparents and had come to recommend that we order the fish for our meal as it was fresh and he had just had some and it has tasted delicious. My Mum ordered the fish but asked for it to be served without the sauce. The owner of the pub was shocked and almost horrified that my Mum was having Naked fish and he kept laughing over how funny my Mum was that here she was ordering Naked fish. Since then Naked Fish has become a tasty fixture to our family menus because of it's simplicity to cook and because it is so tasty.

Daddy and I tend to have Naked Fish in the Summer as I will slowly bake Salmon Fillets on the BBQ wrapped in tinfoil with just butter and a bit of Lemon to enhance the flavour of the fish, but when I was checking the freezer this week (so I could plan the weeks menu) I found some frozen portions of Hot Smoked Honey Salmon from Delish Fish (the lovely supplier of fish that Fish Is The Dish arranges) and so I decided that Naked Fish was on the menu this week as it would be a shame to hide the honey flavour under a sauce.

We had the Salmon last night and despite Big Boy declaring that he had Chicken on his plate (Really BB you can't tell the difference between Fish and Chicken?) everybody loved the Salmon and it's nakedness. I've sent Top Ender to school today with a Honey Salmon Pasta Salad for lunch and it looks delicious so I know that she will love her lunch as much as she did her evening meal yesterday.
Top Ender's Honey Salmon Pasta Lunch

Do you use leftovers for another meal or for lunch the next day? Do you have them as you cooked them the night before or do you make them into another meal?