A Perfect Fun Half Term With Family

Half Term last week was fantastic. Having Top Ender at home with Big Boy and I was great fun and we had an absolute blast. There were trips to the shops, the park, playing in the garden, a meal or two out, a lazy day, a pyjama day, an art day, a tidy up day and a lot of love. Towards the end of the week Big Boy, Top Ender and I went to London to have lunch with some of the First Choice Holidays team at the Rainforest Cafe. Big Boy had been to eat at the Rainforest Cafe before, but for Top Ender it was a new experience and she loved it.

Top Ender and Big Boy at the Rainforest Cafe

Tops loved her food, so much so that she hardly talked whilst woolfing it down. She ate so quickly that she also managed to help me eat some of mine and talked very politely with English Mum and listened to lots of talk about family holidays, which is probably why at the moment holidays is all she is talking about at home!

The train ride home was a lot of fun thanks to two new Thomson soft toys to cuddle whilst Top Ender and Big Boy listened to their ipods (we really do need to buy a new cover for Big Boy's he is starting to get sick of the pink he wants a nice green one) and dreamt about the character cakes that we had picked up in the Japan Centre earlier that day.

Top Ender and Big Boy listening to their ipods on the train

I had secretly arranged for Daddy to pick us up from the Train Station and to take us home, this meant when we got home Tops and BB still had some energy and were grateful that the sun was out and playing out in the garden was an option. They quickly built a little fort with the garden bricks and were busy playing within seconds of arriving home.

It seemed like a perfect day. It was a perfect mixture of fun, food and sunshine but I don't think that is what made it so special. I think that it was perfect because it was spent with family.