Warm and Comfortable Hotter Boots

For me shoes have one purpose and that is to keep my feet covered when I am outside. If they look pretty then that is all well and good but for me the shoes which are the best are the ones that I can put on at 8am before the School Run and take off at about 9pm before I go to bed. I guess that is why I live in my trainers! The one downside to wearing trainers is that they don't exactly go well with anything other than jeans. If I am wearing trousers or a skirt I look scruffy, and so when Hotter Shoes asked if I might like to have a pair of Sheepskin Charisma boots I was eager to give them a try.

Hotter Boots

The boots are fantastic. The sheepskin lining is soft and warm and fantastic for these cold days and Big Boy has been loving wearing them when I haven't! He has been making me giggle pretending to be me and walking around the living room but he likes to feel the soft lining so he takes off his socks and trousers! They are made of suede but they come with a free protector spray and I haven't noticed any damage with me walking on what is left of the snow when doing the School Run.

Hotter Boots

The boots are really comfortable and I've been able to wear them all day without any discomfort. They have kept my feet really warm which has been handy as during the day we don't keep the heating on and I don't like to get cold! I've found that the boots are great looking with Jeans and with "formal" trousers and my sister has threatened to steal them to wear with her leggings. The only thing I need to do now is wear them with a skirt to see how they look.

Just in case it wasn't clear I got these boots free from Hotter Shoes.