My Clippy Bags of Style - A Review

There isn't a day go by that Top Ender doesn't mention how she is going to be a Fashion Designer when she is older. Top Ender is always sketching designs for dresses, handbags, shoes, matching pet outfits, pyjamas, dressing gowns, wall paper, jackets, trousers, tops... you name it and she has multiple designs for it. When she saw the adverts on TV for Flairs My Clippy she worked out she had enough money leftover from Christmas to buy it (as she found it for £14.99 on a website) and was excited about her planned purchase. It was a great surprise when it went and turned up in the post before she had a chance to buy it though!

Top Ender explained to Daddy how you were supposed to customise the different panels in the bag in order to make something personalised and unique and they sat together and worked out what they had to do. Daddy said it wasn't that straight forward, but Top Ender said that it was something that she understood because other things she has had in the past have been similar.

My Clippy Bag as designed by Top Ender

Top Ender really enjoyed making the panels the way that she wanted them to look and although she didn't use any magazine images or photographs she is eager to buy another My Clippy so she can create another bag with a different look and this time she is thinking about using a lot of different materials. I think that it's a great creative set for girls of all ages (it is recommended for 6+), and as I have heard some mentions in some forums of grown ups buying the sets and making bags and wallets for themselves don't be surprised if there us a queue at the toy store when you go to buy one!

We were sent a My Clippy to review which means Top Ender is over the moon.