This Is My Husband

When I first met Daddy I knew that he was the man I was going to marry. I knew that we were going to have children together, that we were going to grow old together and that if I achieved nothing else in this life I would at least know that I had been loved and had loved that person back with all my might. After having written the post about Big Boy I wanted to write one about Daddy too and what better day to post it than Valentines Day?

Daddy on the beach

Daddy has a different sense of humour to me but he still manages to make me laugh everyday. The other evening Daddy spent what seemed like all night reading a webpage of jokes that he kept giggling at. He shared a few with me but I think I got more delight in seeing him having fun than I did from the jokes he recited to me. When he comes home from work he normally has a one liner, or a story about his day at work or even something that his work colleagues have told him but he knows that having a giggle with me is something which bonds us together. We make a point of watching and listening to comedy shows together and one of our favourite games is to quick fire the punchlines of jokes we both know at each other.

When Daddy and I first started dating we would cook together every weekend and eat at least once a week at each others home with the rest of our family. It's only been recently that I found out that those meals with my family introduced Daddy to new foods, some of which have now become his favourites. Since Daddy has been diagnosed as being celiac we have spent a lot of time finding new recipes for dishes that we like and Daddy has discovered his talent at making Sausage Rolls and Scones and other Gluten free pastry items. I just hope that the recent discovery of  Daddy's allergy to eggs is the last thing we are going to exclude from out diet!

With a name like Daddy you would expect him to be a great Dad, and he really is. Top Ender and Big Boy are so lucky to have him (just like I am) because he takes a huge interest in them and their lives. Daddy loves playing with them, talking to them, arranging special trips with them, and makes sure that he spends special one on one time with each of them. I know that both Tops and BB love their Daddy very much and I think it would be hard to find a more devoted father anywhere.

Family Fun

Doing chores is something that I don't have pester Daddy to help with; He will help bath the children, make sure they brush their teeth, hoover, do the dishes, put the bins out, go shopping, make the bed and if I'm not here for the day he does all the other chores that need doing during the day too. I might moan occasionally that he should stop trying to tidy up as soon as he gets home from work, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

A few years ago I suggested that Daddy and I stop giving each other brought gifts and should make a gift for each other instead. I was sure that this would be easy and that I would be presenting Daddy with thoughtful, beautiful handmade with love gifts. It turns out that I'm really rubbish at this though and Daddy comes up with the most amazing ideas. I have had hand made clocks, hand made calendars, personalised hand made board games, hand made personalised toiletries and many many more things. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderfully thoughtful the gifts are or how wonderfully they turn out.

I don't think there are really enough words to describe how much I love my husband, or how wonderful he is. His little habits and foibles are endearing and something that I wouldn't change.

This is my husband and he's pretty darn amazing.