Top Enders Friday Lunch - Double Rainbow Bento

Top Ender had asked for a rainbow lunch again, as the Rainbow Lunch she had during the last the school year was so much fun that she wanted to revisit it. I must admit that it is my favourite lunch to make because it is so fun and colourful! I didn't want to do just a straight copy of last time though and so I came up with a few new foods to add to her lunch.

Double Rainbow Lunch Bento

In the Savoury pot we have some baked Chicken mini fillet from last nights dinner, some mashed carrot, some grated cheddar, some mange tout (again from last nights dinner as is the carrot), some blue rice and some purple rice! Creating food coloured rice is quite easy, you add a drop of blue for blue rice (obviously) and then just a drop of red to the blue rice to create purple. It looks horrid whilst mixing but as it dries it turns a lovely shade of purple.

Purple Rice

For the fruit rainbow we have Two Giant Strawberry's, a Satsuma, a Pineapple ring (cut into wedges) a few slices of Cucumber (it was going to be grapes but they weren't looking so tasty), a blue ribbon biscuit and for Purple we have three of the biggest Blackberries I have ever seen!

Big Blackberries

We finished off the lunch by putting in some Orange juice as a drink, some colourful cutlery and a silver napkin to represent the storm clouds that helped create this rainbow!

Double Rainbow Bento

So what do you think? Is this one of your favourite Top Ender lunches?

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