What's For Lunch? (W/C 09/07)

It's nearly the end of the School year which is actually making me a little sad as even though I love surprising Top Ender with her lunches, in just a few short weeks I'll be making them for both Top Ender and Big Boy! I won't have my boy at home with me. I'm not quite sure how crazy I will be missing him but I'm sure that I'll soon get used to not having Big Boy around. This week we are doing a few of the lunches that Tops has asked for and some of her favourite from the last year.

Monday - Olympic Torch Lunch

The Olympic Torch is going past our road today and Tops and her school are going to watch it, so it's only right that we have an Olympic themed lunch! I'm going to give lots of fruit and veg because every Olympian needs plenty of fruit and veg in their diet and there will be some special treats too. Come and take a look on Monday morning here and on Facebook to see just how fantastic her lunch looks oh and whilst I remember if you have a blog enter my challenge with Coca-Cola to win Olympic Tickets!

Tuesday - Crunchy Ham Rolls

There is something lovely about a crunchy roll and Top Ender loves ham in the rolls too, I love making the ham sit in the roll in waves, so I can't wait to make this lunch.

Wednesday - Sandwich Sushi

Top Ender has been asking for Sandwich Sushi again especially because we are going to Chinatown today and there are a few items that she is after us buying for her lunches this week. We love going to The Japan Centre which is just round the corner from China Town so we might be able to grab a few more bento bits if Daddy isn't looking and we have made a promise to Tops that we will buy some more Hello Kitty crisps for the way home!

Sandwich Sushi Bento

Thursday - Ham, Cheese and Cucumber Pittas

This is one of Top Enders favourite lunches, the combination of three of her favourite foods in a handy  pocket of bread. I have some ideas about how we can make it much more exciting than just a plain pitta.

Friday - Top Enders Friday Lunch

As you know the Friday Lunch is always something special but as this week is a repeat of lunches past it has to be one of the most special lunches that I have made. I know if I tell you that it includes rice you will know what her lunch is this Friday, but there will be some changes so don't go expecting the same bento lunch again!