I Guess That's What Love Is

I hate driving on the motorway. I've done it enough times to know that I can do it (and do it well, I mean I've never been in an accident on the Motorway!) but I hate the speed and the lane changes and the other drivers and junctions that you have to come off at that look the same as junctions you don't want to come off at and I hate service stations and I hate hard shoulders and the lights down the middle and other drivers who drive with their high beams on...


On Sunday after we had seen the new Disney film Brave (review to come, but in short it's FAB!) we started driving home so that Daddy could watch the Tennis, as it is one of his annual indulgences (Tennis, Snooker, Air Shows and the occasional Concert). Unfortunately for us the traffic in London didn't want to help us and so an hour after we had left Chinatown we were still in London instead of nearly home as we had planned. Daddy knew that this was a risk when we went to the cinema, I guess that is what love is.

Daddy joked that he could log into his phone to watch the tennis, but that there was that unfortunate law about watching the road when you are driving. I suggested that I should drive home, even though I knew that it meant that driving on the much hated motorway. Daddy hesitated, he was clearly torn but didn't pursue the idea until about ten minutes later when we pulled up at some traffic lights and he yelled "SWAP NOW!"

So we did. Even though it meant that the driver of the bus behind us looked at us in shock as we ran round the car and Top Ender couldn't stop giggling for about ten minutes because the sight of seeing both her parents get out the car and swap seats. I think she was worried at first that we were just going to leave her in the car and run off together.

And then I drove home on the motorway (without any incidents I might add) and Daddy sat in the passenger seat watching the tennis and I didn't swear once.

I guess that's what love is.