Smug Mode Engaged

When Big Boy was diagnosed as being a diabetic we were told by the lovely Paediatric Diabetic Consultant that we would be seeing a lot of him over the next few years. I thought that it might be like my Mum's consultants who she see's once a year or so, but a few days after getting home we received a letter to meet with the Dietician and to see our lovely Consultant in just under two weeks time. That is how on the hottest day of the year we found ourself sitting in a waiting room in Milton Keynes Hospital waiting for our name to be called. Somehow our admission notes are missing AGAIN and so our Consultant asked us for a few details (such as when was BB diagnosed, How long had he been showing symptoms before he was diagnosed, what medications is he on etc) before taking a quick look through BB's diary of his sugar levels. 

A minor tweak was made to what levels of insulin we would be giving to BB and at what blood sugar levels and then the Consultant turned to Daddy and I and told us that he wanted to take a moment to praise us for how we have adapted to the new lifestyle and the changes that the diagnosis brought.

Engaging Smug Mode

We have adapted well, but that is because it fitted into our life so neatly. It was almost like our lives were being changed over the last few weeks to prepare us for the diagnosis. If we weren't Christians then we would have called it coincidence, but we call it divine intervention and we are very thankful for this preparation.

Then we spoke with the Dietician, who asked what sort of meals we eat. So I told her, I gave her examples and explained how we eat and already check labels because of Daddy being a Celiac and trying to eat more healthily because of my weight loss and fitness plans. I was able to tell her what we had eaten this past week because of the meal plans that I write, I was able to tell her what BB has eaten for snacks and for lunch and she was quite pleased, we apparently eat healthily enough that we don't need to change our diet. Smug Mode well and truly engaged.

So now here we are, a couple of weeks in to our new routine. Big Boy is used to having his blood tests and is willing to have his injections four times a day. Daddy and I are able to tell when Big Boy is having a hypo (low blood sugar) and Big Boy is working it out too, although his reasons for working it out are a little more selfish as he just likes having the fast acting sugar (sweets or fresh juice normally) treatment to brings his blood sugar levels back into the normal range!

I'm not going to say that we have this under control, or that we know what we are doing but we are well on the way to mastering the basics.

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