What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 07/07)

I'm experimenting this coming week, I'm going to cut out all processed sugar from my diet and a lot of carbs too. It's been suggested in the comments over on Pippa World that I might find that this helps me to lose some weight and as I'm desperate for even just a lb to come off I'm willing to try! I checked with Daddy if he minded living this for a few weeks, but he said that if I hadn't of asked he probably wouldn't have even noticed. If you see potatoes/pasta/rice then just assume that I won't be eating them!

Saturday - Beef Steak Tarragon 

Many moons ago Daddy and I went on a diet together and this was one of the dishes that we ate whilst on the diet. We really loved it, it uses Creme Fraiche which I hardly ever buy, but as I'm on a diet I figured it was time to pull out the old trusty diet friendly recipes. As this one is only 382 calories per person when served with pasta. Taking away the pasta should make it around 256 calories and served with veggies should bring it up to about 300 calories for me.

Sunday - Cold Chicken and Vegetables with roasted potatoes

We are out at a Brave movie premier this Sunday, but we don't want to lose out on having our weekly roast. I have some cold chicken pieces in the fridge and I can quickly roast some potatoes and steam some vegetables to go with it so everyone will get what they like from the weekly roast and I won't have to worry about diving my time between watching the Tennis, seeing the film, going to the gym and making the weekly roast!

Monday - Chicken Satay

Daddy and I love Chicken Satay, but since Daddy has been diagnosed as being a Celiac he hasn't been able to have it all that often as finding pre-made Chicken Satay that is gluten free is a hard task. I'm going to serve it with stir fried vegetables and rice noodles for everyone apart from me.

Tuesday - Spaghetti Carbonara

It will be an Egg White Omelette for me as I'm going out with my Mum to see some Dance show at Milton Keynes Theatre (I'm really not looking forward to it!) but Daddy, Top Ender and Big Boy will be able to have a leisurely meal of creamy carbonara, I'll even make them some garlic bread if they are nice to me!

Wednesday - Home Made Burgers

I'm going to wrap my burger in lettuce but Tops and Big Boy will have burger buns and Daddy will have something from his Gluten free stash in the cupboard. I'll serve it with sweetcorn for me and Tops and chips for Tops and Daddy and Big Boy. I'll go with a nice salad with a home made salsa for me and some grilled mushrooms for Daddy and I too.

Thursday - My Very Own Princes Salmon Recipe

I've been asked by Princes to create a recipe using their tinned Salmon and they are sending me some to experiment with. I did think about making a Salmon Mousse like my Mum used to make for parties and I thought about making Salmon fishcakes too. I thought that the children would like Salmon casserole or a noodle casserole but in the end I decided to make something completely different and if you want to know what it is then you'll have to come back on Thursday!

Princes Wild Pink Salmon

Friday - Bacon wrapped Chicken Breasts stuffed with cream cheese and spinach

Bacon wrapped chicken breasts are so easy to make and are really filling too. I'll serve it with veggies for everyone to share, but I'll let BB off because he doesn't like chicken or bacon or vegetables at the minute and whilst he'll have a little on his plate I'll serve him some pasta.